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What Pump Tube Can Be Selected for Peristaltic Pump

1. Fuel and lubricant tubes

They are specialized in conveying most fuels and industrial lubricants. The characteristics can significantly reduce the failure surface rate caused by rupture and leakage. The very low extractability of it can protects the liquid or steam being transported from impurities. The high flexibility of the fuel and lubricant delivery tubes (57 Shore hardness) can simplify the installation even in very narrow areas. It is easy to identify the translucent yellow color and monitor the flow rate. Fuel and lubricant tubes are designated for handling gasoline, kerosene, domestic fuel oil, cutting oil and ethylene glycol, etc.

2. Platinum vulcanized sanitary silicone tube

The applicable temperature can be up to 205℃. The smooth cavity of the silicone tube reduces the chance of adsorbing particles and accumulating microorganisms during liquid delivery. Through the analysis and comparison of the inner surfaces with other silicone tubes, the sanitary silicone tube is three times smoother than other hoses. In addition, smooth fluid channels help to clean the entire system.

3. Viton rubber tubing

The vition rubber tubing is made of high-performance synthetic rubber. High-temperature resistance: It is sustainable in a - 40°F~400°F environment, and can work at 600°F intermittently. Viton rubber tubing can better withstand a wide range of solutions and chemicals, a variety of oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids than any commercial rubber. Viton rubber hose is able to tolerate many aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates and has good tolerance to the environment.

4. Peristaltic pump tubing made of viton rubber

The high-temperature resistance of the peristaltic pump tubing is up to 204℃. It can withstand most of the strong acid, alkali, fuel, solvent, etc. It has strong ozone resistance and weather resistance. With high elasticity and flexibility, peristaltic pump tubing made of a viton rubber is an ideal peristaltic pump tubing for conveying highly corrosive media.