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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

1. What is a food and beverage control system?

A set of food and beverage systems to fill beverages or drinks or other types of fluids to a specific volume of bottles regularly when needed by pressing the control buttons or LED screens, it includes an outlet nozzle for the fluids to drip off from the system to the containers outside. Runze is a leading company in this type of application of microfluidics.

2. What does the system use for?

Fluid control equipment is mostly used in some public places, restaurants or catering sites for customers or users to get a cup of drinks or water, etc. It is very convenient to meet the increasing demand for public life. Some factories also use the system for the production of liquids such as milk, juice, water, oil, shampoo, etc. with very high production efficiency, it is removable to different places whenever needed, mostly the total dimensions are small for space-saving.

food analysis instrument.jpg

3. How could the food analysis instrument system be established?

The systems include colorful metal housing, operations buttons or touch screen, raw materials of beverages held in a barrel, peristaltic liquid pump and its control unit, software control part, etc. inside the case, when users need some fluid, for example, 200ml, they can press the buttons to drive the fluids out with 200ml, usually, one system can only give out the same volume per time because of its limited of control.

4. What do RUNZE products work for the food and beverage system?

Our peristaltic pumps, flexible fluid tubing, and plastic fittings work together for food and beverage filling or transfer systems, while syringe pumps, multiposition valves, FEP tubing, and plastic fittings work together for the front-stage food and beverage analysis or detection, this is to ensure the quality standards of food and beverage to meet the requirement of FDA or other food-grade standards.

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