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Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter

These fittings are available in 90 degree or elbow versions that are suitable for using in low-pressure applications. They are ideal threaded fittings to connect flexible tubing ID1.6-8.7mm with the rest of the system, with no tools needed for assembly. The hose can be connected to any threaded flat bottom receiving port. Simply screw the fitting into the receiving port to create a reliable low pressure connection. Fittings available in PP, non-toxic, odourless, heat resistant, resistant to chemicals and various organic substances, suitable for non-corrosive liquid and environment. 

  • Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter
  • Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter
  • Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter
  • Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter
  • Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter
  • Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter
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Specification of Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter

Model No.MaterialColorMale Thread Barbed End   (mm)
LWZ-016-PPPPNatural PP1/4-28 UNFTubing ID 1.0-1.6 mm
LWZ-024-PPPPNatural PPTubing ID 1.6-2.4 mm
LWZ-032-PPPPNatural PPTubing ID 2.4-3.2 mm
LWZ-040-PPPPNatural PPTubing ID 3.2-4.0 mm
LWZ-048-PPPPNatural PPTubing ID 4.0-4.8 mm
LWZ-M8-064-PPPPNatural PPM8Tubing ID 4.8-6.4 mm
LWZ-M10-087-PPPPNatural PPM10Tubing ID 6.4-8.7 mm

Application Note of Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter

1. Thread to barbed adapters need to match with female receiving port of same thread type.

2. One-Piece Fittings Installation Steps:

a. Insert the thread to barbed adapter into the receiving ports until it bottoms out.

b. Connect the flexible tubing into the barbed end.


Dimension (unit: mm) of Elbow Barb-to-Male Adapter


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