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Injector Valve SV-07B

  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
  • Selector Valve SV-07B
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Injector Valve  SV-07B

Support a variety of flow path collocation by back and forth switching of two positions which meets the needs of different customers RUNZE patented Sapphire valve rotor and stator, anti-corrosion and high-pressure, high-temperature resistance, high wear resistance, biocompatible and suitable for a variety of special media. High efficiency and maintenance-free stepper motor drive system via RS232/RS485/CAN Widely used in a variety of analysis equipment such as environmen-tal analysis instruments, medical analysis instruments, non-standard sampling facilities in high-precision, etc.

Selector Valve SV-07B

Specification of Selector Valve SV-07B

Configuration6 port8 port10 port
Dead VolumePort-to-Port 28.121μl
Dead Volume 5.207μl
Port-to-Port 28.67μl
Dead Volume 5.756μl
Port-to-Port 28.129μl
Dead Volume 5.215μl
Wetted materialUPE, Sapphire rotor/stator
Pressure rating0-1Mpa (air) / 0-1.6Mpa (water)
Origin detectionAuto reset to initial position when powered on (this function can be opened or closed)
Liquid temperature0-150℃
Replaceable partsStator replaceable, sealed rotor irreplaceable
TranspositionRandom start to any specific port
Valve drive≤2s/circle≤2s/circle≤3.3s/circle
Baud rateRS232/RS485: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps, 115200bps
CAN: 100Kbps, 200Kbps, 500Kbps, 1Mbps
Address & Parameter settingVia communication
Power supplyDC24V/3A
Max. power60W
Operating temperature-10℃~+50℃
Operating humidity<80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimension (L*W*H)60*51*150mm
Net Weight0.73kg

Selector Valve SV-07B

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