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Syringe Pump

Syringe pump works as a key part for fluidic systems to transfer liquid from one container to another with high accuracy requirements, it is made of the stepper motor, stepper driver, lead screw, gearbox, optocouplers, borosilicate cylinder, etc. to create a reliable component structure and delivery line.

Runze is a professional syringe pump supplier, also supplier & manufacturer that able to offer various syringe pumps for sale including industrial syringe pump, precision mechanical syringe pump, vertical syringe pump, micro piston pump, continuous syringe pump, laboratory syringe pump, high-pressure electric syringe pump, etc. If you want to learn more about fluid control equipment, please contact us now and buy a syringe pump at a cheap price/cost.

Types of Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump Working Principle

How Do RUNZE Syringe Pumps Work?

The syringe pump draws in the medium by the piston moving in the pump cylinder. By opening and closing, a valve controls into which channel the drawn-in medium is conveyed in the next step. The piston of the syringe pump moves and the medium is dispensed from the pump to a dosing needle. The motor rotation drives the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt synchronizes the rotation of the screw, the screw drives the up and down movement of the piston, the motor above is connected to the valve head through the guide rod, the motor rotation drives the guide rod, thus making the valve head rotate.

Syringe Pump

FAQ of Electric Syringe Pump

Customer Testimonials of Syringe Pump

  • USA, Mr. Jacco
    USA, Mr. Jacco

    After more than six months of consideration and investigation, the SY-03 syringe pumps we purchased from RUNZE in November 2020 has been installed and debugged in our prototype analyzer, we are very happy that they work great on 10μL fluid dispensing with high repeatability. The after-sale engineers and business service are very considerate and timely, we are confident in more business cooperation with RUNZE team!

  • Germany, Mr. Harald
    Germany, Mr. Harald

    I am a technical engineer from a lab instrument company, I purchased over 50 syringe pumps from RUNZE last year, they have been working very good in our production line for delivering small volumes of oils, thanks to the key part syringe pumps from RUNZE, our instruments are highly praised by our customers in Europe, we believe that our business will be broadened in this year!

  • Russia, Mr. Ranis
    Russia, Mr. Ranis

    As a manufacturer of water analyzers, we have been worked with RUNZE for more than 3 years, it is a satisfactory business journey, most of their syringe pumps have been installed in our systems and works fine, they improve their products a lot in past years to help establish and improve our instruments, and the improvement still keep going on, we will be constant fans of RUNZE products!

Application of Precision Syringe Pump

According to the working principle of the syringe pump, syringe pumps are high precision fluidic components to deliver liquid from one container to another with required volumes. Just like laboratory syringe pump, it is most commonly seen in environmental analyzers, laboratory instrument, medical equipment, petrochemical systems, food and beverage vending machine, bio-pharmaceuticals analysis and metering, it plays a significant role in a successful fluid delivering system.

Application of Precision Syringe Pump