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Industrial Syringe Pumps Help Liquid Handlers Provide Better Sample Preparation

1. Industrial syringe pumps help liquid handlers provide better sample preparation

In most laboratories, accurate and repeatable dispensing of liquid is very important for later research and diagnosis. It is easy to make mistakes when the pipetting step is operated manually. Moreover, there may be greater variability of results among different operators. In addition, this task also requires time-consuming and absolute concentration, resulting in a high risk of repetitive strain injury.

The new industrial syringe pump helps liquid handlers realize easier and more efficient automation technology. It is an important type of fluid control equipment. Compared with manual processing, the main goals of automation are higher accuracy and precision, higher throughput and higher repeatability.

(1) Complete more work in a limited time

(2) Unattended operation process (realize unattended automation)

(3) Do more experiments with a smaller sample amount

(4) Improve experiment reproducibility

(5) Reduce reagent consumption

(6) Improve accuracy and precision, reduce errors and improve data quality

2. Advantages of RUNZE FLUID industrial syringe pump

(1) High precision/fast speed:

RUNZE FLUID can specially customize rotary valve and syringe for customers to provide greater flow capacity, ensure its flow accuracy and improve pumping efficiency;

(2) Good compatibility

Inert wetted parts are needed for strong corrosive media. RUNZE FLUID can choose a syringe pump made of borosilicate glass and Teflon, which is compatible with the chemical corrosiveness of most fluid media;

(3) Good sealing

For the liquid with poor fluidity, RUNZE FLUID electric syringe pump can easily pump the liquid into the syringe, saving the distribution time of customers and reducing the generation of bubbles.

(4) Long service life

RUNZE FLUID syringes have a long service life, which reduces the frequency of the replacement of syringes and can help customers reduce maintenance costs.