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Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting

The Anti-twist Flangeless Fittings have a one-to-one nut and ferrule, which allows the tube to remain in place during the twisting of the nut. It can eliminate twisting and loosening of the fitting and keeping the tube tight even during vibration. 

Anti-twist Flangeless Fittings are standard fittings with elbow threads, which can be used without tools and are economical and durable. Just put the nut and ferrule on the tube and screw them into the connection. 

Anti-twist Flangeless Fittings are chemically and organically resistant and are made of PPS for the nut and ETFE for the ferrule. Anti-twist Flangeless Fittings are quick and easy to install. Available in five sizes of 1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.2mm outside diameter tube.

  • Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting
  • Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting
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Specification of Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting

Nut ModelThread FerruleTube ODMaterial
WF06EL-28S-Black1/4-28UNFYF-020F2.0 mmPPS black* ETFE natural
WD16EL-28S-BlackYD-025F2.5 mmPPS black* ETFE natural
WD36EL-28S-BlackYD-030F3.0 mmPPS black* ETFE natural
WD06EL-28S-BlackYD-032F3.2 mmPPS black* ETFE natural
WF16EL-28S-BlackYF-016F1.6 mmPPS black* ETFE natural
WF20B-28S-Black1/4-28UNFYF-020F2.0mmPPS black*ETFE natural
WD25B-28S-BlackYD-025F2.5mmPPS black*ETFE natural
WF16G-28S-BlackYF-016F1.6mmPPS black*ETFE natural
WF20G-28S-BlackYF-020F2.0mmPPS black*ETFE natural
WD25G-28S-BlackYD-025F2.5mmPPS black*ETFE natural
WD30G-28S-BlackYD-030F3.0mmPPS black*ETFE natural
WF16B-M6S-BlackM6YF-016F1.6mmPPS black*ETFE natural

Dimension (Unit: mm) of Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting













Application Note of Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting

1. Before connecting fittings, ensure the end of the tubing has a clean, square, burr-free cut. This is very important, as the square cut helps the tubing make full contact with the bottom of the mating port. Neglecting to properly cut the tubing could lead to dead volume, resulting in peak  distortion such as fronting, tailing or broadening.

2. Anti-twist Flangeless Fitting Installation Steps:

a. Slide the nut, followed by the ferrule, at least 3/16” (4.7625mm) from the end of the clean cut tubing.

b. Insert the assembly into the receiving port, pushing the tubing into the port until it bottoms out.

c. Finger tighten the nut into the port until snug.

d. After disassembling, the ferrules should be replaced in next assembly and connection.


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