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Nanjing RUNZE FLUID Control Equipment Co., LTD

Founded in 2014, RUNZE FLUID is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and production of key microfluidic parts for analytical instrument, including standard product series of industrial syringe pump, multiposition valve, borosilicate syringe, peristaltic pump, tubing and connections, covering the whole supply chain of product customization, design and development, product manufacturing, sales and after-sales, we constantly provide super quality product and service to environment monitoring, biopharmaceutical and medical analyzers, industrial automation and laboratory instruments.

Nanjing RUNZE FLUID Control Equipment Co., LTD
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Global Distribution Products

  • PEEK Fittings

    PEEK Fittings serve for HPLC system, genetic test, advanced bio-analysis, analytical chemistry, industrial microbiology, clinical & diagnostics, filtration, materials science, protein biology, experimental analytical instruments.

  • Threaded Connectors

    Threaded Connectors machined with tight tolerance to ensure air tightness and highest reliability, connecting rigid Teflon tubing into standard thread receiving port to create a fluid transfer line for small volume systems.

  • Barb-to-Thread Adapters

    Barb-to-Thread Adapters designed as one end of barbed head and another end of threaded nut to connect flexible tube to a receiving port or to a piece of Teflon rigid tube for some special low pressure fluid transfer systems.

  • Barbed Fittings

    Barbed Fittings, made of FDA materials, share the same features of barbed end for connecting flexible tubes such as silicone, rubber, Viton, PVC, PE together for peristaltic pumps in low pressure fluidic instruments.

  • Luer Connectors

    Luer Connectors, made of FDA standard raw materials, are amazing structure design to create the most reliable and convenient way to connect flexible tube to flexible tube or FEP or PTFE tube in medical analytical instruments.

  • Tubing

    Tubing, with different materials and sizes, is one of the most important part for liquid handling system, they directly touches liquid or air, so it is very important to choose right material for target liquid to avoid cross contamination.

  • DC Motor Peristaltic Pump

    DC Motor Peristaltic Pump is the most important part of a simple fluid transfer device. DC peristaltic pump is responsible to drive the suitable tubes to reach a specific range of flow volumes with the help of a positive and a negative power supply. We offer one standard DC motor peristaltic pump to mount in small dimensional systems and achieve low flow rates. DC motor peristaltic pumps are very high cost performance for low requirement fluid transfer systems or production line.

  • Laboratory Peristaltic Pump

    Laboratory Peristaltic Pump is a bench-top type peristaltic liquid pump suitable for laboratories and production line to filling bottles or fluid metering, the LCD screen shows the detailed status of working such as flow rate, speed, flow direction, filling times etc., it included 4 working modes of booking, calibration, metering and continuous for a wide application needs. High cost performance makes it very popular in lab or beverage filling production line.

  • OEM Peristaltic Pumps

    Runze Fluid offers a wide and diverse selection of durable, accurate and versatile peristaltic pump to help you choose the most suitable one to meet your system. Peristaltic pump consists of three parts: drive, pump head, pump tubing; We can provide a complete set or individual parts, and we support OEM peristaltic pump service. The accuracy of our OEM peristaltic pump can reach 2%-5%, and the speed resolution can achieve 0.1 rpm. In order to meet the needs of liquid being pumped, we provide tube of different materials: silicone tube, rubber tube, fluoroelastomer tube. No contamination, low maintenance needs and easy to clean, able to handle viscous, shear-sensitive and corrosive fluids make our peristaltic pump in wide application. Considerations for selecting peristaltic pump include liquid flow rate, the properties and state of the transferring liquid, and the working condition. We will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective peristaltic pump configuration for your system.

  • Peristaltic Pump Head

    Peristaltic Pump Head is the most important part for a full unit peristaltic liquid pump, it is responsible to drive the suitable tubes to reach the specific range of flow volumes with the help of control units at the back such as motor and driver. As one of the professional peristaltic pump head suppliers, we offer small and bigger peristaltic heads for 42 and 57 stepper motors to achieve different flow rates. Peristaltic pump heads are very high cost performance for most fluid transfer systems or production lines.

  • Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump

    Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump is the most important part for a full unit peristaltic liquid pump, it is responsible to drive the suitable tubes to reach a specific range of flow volumes with the help of a stepper motor and driver in the back of the pump head. We offer several models of stepper motor peristaltic pumps to mount in different dimensional systems and achieve different flow rates. Stepper motor peristaltic pumps are very high cost performance for most fluid transfer systems or production line.

Where Tubing & Connections Work

  • 01 Physical & Chemical Analyzers
    01 Physical & Chemical Analyzers
  • 02 Biochemical Analyzers
    02 Biochemical Analyzers
  • 03 Sample Pretreatment
    03 Sample Pretreatment
  • 04 Water Analyzers
    04 Water Analyzers
  • 05 Laboratory Analyzers
    05 Laboratory Analyzers
  • 06 Biopharmaceutical Test
    06 Biopharmaceutical Test
  • 07 Medicine Testing
    07 Medicine Testing
  • 08 Industrial Automation
    08 Industrial Automation

Benefits to be RUNZE FLUID Dealer

As the top manufacturer of fluidic connections in China, RUNZE FLUID offers a very wide range of connection solutions for biochemical analyzers, sample pretreatment, water analyzers, laboratory analyzers, biopharmaceutical test and industrial automation, all the connections come from high precision molds, advanced injection machine and testing equipment, strict quality inspection procedures and accurate stock management.

For dealers, good price, best quality and stable stock from manufacturers are key factors to affect the marketing results, RUNZE think what the dealer thinks to work hard on highest performance supply for dealers’ market, of course, dealers can also provide some real and supportive investigation report of their market to help each other find a better way on develop more market shares.

Marketing Support

Marketing support of product training, customer management, online and offline market channels and free return aftersales service will help dealers build and develop their market more stable and faster.

Product Training

Complete and quality product marketing materials as well as technical training will be one of most important points for a dealer to know and understand the product better for coming reselling.

Area Protection

Dealers put in funds, time and energy to build their customer groups, area protection is very important to ensure their benefits, we notice that and carry out related policies to make it realized.

Competitive Price

Based on high quality levels for microfluidic systems, RUNZE connector series show good cost performance on marketing price to help users rest assured and decrease the mass production cost.

Quality Assurance

At the beginning of design and produce fluidic connections, RUNZE FLUID keep the faith on dimension and thread accuracy, tight tolerances and best raw materials to keep the quality at top level.

Sufficient Stock

Sufficient stock and minimum inventory control in ERP system will ensure the stable supply for dealers and increase their customer satisfaction that surely enhance the yearly sales amount.

How to Become RUNZE FLUID Dealer?

What steps will go to become a dealer? + -

Fill up【Dealer Information Sheet】>> Dealer Qualification Evaluation >> Distribution Policy Communication >> Product Confirm & Sample Test >> Sign the Contract

Can I become a dealer as an individual entrepreneur? + -

Yes, if you have some experience on microfluidic applications and plan to open your distribution career by build a sales team, it will be more competitive to be a successful dealer.

What kind of support you could provide if we become your dealer? + -

We could provide product training, product marketing materials, trade shows in some countries, good price policy, product quality assurance, sufficient stock management, etc.

Can we get area protection after become a dealer? + -

Yes, it also depends on your yearly sales capability and speed of marketing growth, we will discuss in details at the step of Distribution Policy Communication.

If the end customer has discussed with us for new order, but inquiry online from you again, what will you do? + -

We will open the channel of end customers report for dealers and record in our CRM system, when you are going on business with new end customers in your area, please forward relative information to us so we can hand over to you when we get direct inquiry from them online.

Do you offer custom solutions or can you manufacture products according to specific requirements? + -

Do you offer custom solutions or can you manufacture products according to specific requirements?

Do you offer any ongoing technical support or assistance for your products? + -

Yes, of course.

What are your shipping options and what are the associated costs? + -

Usually we ship via UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL, direct shipping line may be applied for some countries. Connections are low weight and small packing volume, which are very good for save shipping costs.

Do you want to start your distribution career at blue ocean market?
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