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Syringe Pump SY03B in DK Series

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Video of Syringe Pump SY03B-DK

Syringe Pump SY03B in DK Series

SY-03B Dk series product is a kind of micro-syringe pump with multiple syringes working in parallel in high precision developed by Runze Fluid. Use a stepper motor to drive the syringe and the valve to aspirate and dispense quantitative liquid. The syringe is replaceable. It is a fully programmable pump module with the open framework, which handling fluids from microliters to milliliters with extraordinary accuracy and precision. It can be controlled by an external computer or microprocessor, and with functions in automatic pipetting, dilution and dispensing.

SY03B-DK Features at a Glance

  • Syringe sizes ranging from 25μL to 5ml

  • RS232/RS485 interface

  • Plunger speeds from 0.1rpm to 500rpm

  • Programmable acceleration-deceleration curve

  • Programmable backlash compensation

  • Lost-step detection

  • Off-line automatic operation

  • Error diagnosis

Technical Parameter

Accuracy≤1%@100% stroke
Precision (Repeatability)0.3%~0.5%@100% stroke
Rated stroke (control steps)60mm(6000 steps standard mode; 48000 steps micro-step mode)
RPM Range0.1rpm ~ 900rpm
Linear speed0.01mm/s ~ 100mm/s(media: water ; 1 rated stroke=one time)
Running time (per rated stroke)1.8s ~ 6000s(media: water ; 1 rated stroke=one time)
Resolution0.01mm (per step)
Valve TypeSolenoid valve
ILS Syringe25μl, 50μl, 100μl, 250μl, 500μl, 1ml, 1.25ml, 2.5ml, 5ml
Wetted materialBorosilicate glass, PTFE, FKM, PEEK(PPS)
Max. Pressure Rating0.2Mpa
ActuatorTrapezoidal screw (Lead 6mm)
Baud rateRS232/RS485: 9600bps, 38400bps
Communication addresUp to 15 individual addresses can be provided
FirmwareProgrammable acceleration/deceleration, termination of movement, programmable piston speed, diagnostic query error, programmable clearance compensation, absolute position or relative position, change speed on the fly, programmable Non-Volatile Memory
Power supplyDC24V/3A 
Max Power 18W
Operating temperature5℃~55℃
Operating humidity<80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimension (L*W*H)65*150*261.3mm
Net weight2.2kg

Wiring Diagram


Dimension (unit: mm)


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