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Multiposition Valve

Multiposition Valve to analyzers is like a heart to human been, it plays the role of collection or distribution fluids from or to specific places in very high precision level, RUNZE walked a steady road to improve the quality of multiposition valves from materials, production machines to inspection equipment. We can offer various types of multiposition valve range from 6 position selector switch to 16 port selector valves, and directional valves are also available.

Types of Multiposition Valve

Multiposition Valve

FAQ of Multiposition Valve

Customer Testimonials of Multiposition Valve

  • Taiwan, Mr. Hans
    Taiwan, Mr. Hans

    We have worked with RUNZE since the year of 2017, Miss Julie is my best friend, she helped me a lot in my projects, it is really a pleasant journey to work with them. We purchased components for my water analyzers which gained lots of positive feedback from my customers, I am very grateful to Julie for all the support!

  • Netherlands, Mr. Martin
    Netherlands, Mr. Martin

    When thinking of RUNZE products, I am very glad to say they are exactly what I need for my instruments, we have ordered switching valves from RUNZE a few months ago, we tested the software and hardware in our own way, all results are quite satisfactory, I am sure we will have a long-term business relationship with them, cheers!

  • Italy, Mr. Daniele
    Italy, Mr. Daniele

    Thanks to RUNZE products, my new prototype has been finally finished installation and tests, I want my system to be high precision but as cheap as possible, RUNZE makes it real, we mount their pumps, valves, tubes and fittings to my system, they match very well to make it get the desirable volumes, very good products!

Application of Multiposition Valve

Multiposition Valves are used for collecting or distributing fluids in microfluidic systems with small flow rates with the help of various types of syringe pump or peristaltic liquid pump. fluid control equipment is widely used in environmental analyzers, laboratory instruments, medical equipment, petrochemical systems, food, and beverage vending machine, bio-pharmaceuticals analysis, and metering, it plays a significant role in an analytical system.

Application of Multiposition Valve
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