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OEM Peristaltic Pumps

Runze Fluid offers a wide and diverse selection of durable, accurate and versatile peristaltic pump to help you choose the most suitable one to meet your system. Peristaltic pump consists of three parts: drive, pump head, pump tubing; We can provide a complete set or individual parts, and we support OEM peristaltic pump service. The accuracy of our OEM peristaltic pump can reach 2%-5%, and the speed resolution can achieve 0.1 rpm. In order to meet the needs of liquid being pumped, we provide tube of different materials: silicone tube, rubber tube, fluoroelastomer tube. No contamination, low maintenance needs and easy to clean, able to handle viscous, shear-sensitive and corrosive fluids make our peristaltic pump in wide application. Considerations for selecting peristaltic pump include liquid flow rate, the properties and state of the transferring liquid, and the working condition. We will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective peristaltic pump configuration for your system.

OEM Peristaltic Pump Service Available

Runze provides considerable freedom for customer to choose their peristaltic pump.

1. Material:  ABS/PPS/PC material for housing, POM/PPS/SST material for rollers, different materials are optional according to customers' specific application environment

2. Pump head superposition:  single or multiple pump heads stackable are also optional to meet specific customer needs for large flow rate or dispensing requirement.

3. Pulse:  RZ Series small peristaltic pump head with 3/6/4/8 rollers is customized for clients to meet their different pulse requirements. More roller numbers improve pressure performance and mechanical stability while reduce flow pulsation.

4. Installation: design different mounting plates according to different mounting requirements, such as Z or L shape mounting plate.

5. Control mode: Whether you want to use PC control, PLC control, rotary button remote control, foot pedal control or directly plug-in panel control, we can all support.

6. Flow rate: Wide flow rate range up to 8,000 mL/min with properties of self-priming, variable flow rate or reverse flows. 

Runze OEM Peristaltic Pump Application

The main function of the OEM peristaltic pump can be divided into two categories, bottle filling and constant transferring. For different application scenarios, see the following: 

Common Applications: 

Automatic beverage vending machine, Beverage machine, Experimental testing equipment, Analysis and testing instruments, Soybean milk vending machine, Yogurt machine equipment, Ketchup, honey, coffee delivery, chip dispensing machine, filling and dispensing medical equipment, etc.


Applications Industry: 

washing cleaning industry, biotechnology, research, analytical Instruments, Inkjet Ink, food and drink industry, experimental research, pharmaceutical industry, industrial machinery, chemical industry, laboratory and scientific research, smart home appliances etc.


  • Environmental Analysis Environmental Analysis

    Environmental on-line analyzers work for high precision content percentage analysis of target samples, RUNZE offers microfluidic solutions dedicated to achieving the accuracy, reliability, stability, durability of microfluidic systems.

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  • Laboratory Instrument Laboratory Instrument

    Laboratory instrument requires compact structure and user-friendly operation, our components designed with small footprint and convenient software that helps manufacturers saving lots of time on material sourcing.

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  • Medical Equipment Medical Equipment

    Medical production line required non-contamination sample transfer and filling, IVD analytical equipment required high precision microliter sample collection, our component are perfect choice for the application.

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  • Petrochemical Engineering Petrochemical Engineering

    Petroleum component measurement system required syringe pump and multiport valve to precisely distribute samples to different bottles; peristaltic pump can be used for corrosive chemicals transfer and detection.

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  • Food and Beverage Food and Beverage

    Front-end food and beverage sample detection required high precision microfluidic syringe pumps; peristaltic pump with FDA tubing works perfectly for mass production line and automatic vending machine.

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  • Bio-pharmaceuticals Bio-pharmaceuticals

    Bio-pharmaceuticals automation device required higher efficiency and precision on medicine production, RUNZE SY syringe pumps provide efficient and precise air or liquid filling and analysis for pharmaceutical systems.

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