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Male Luer Adapters

Male luer adapters provide a convenient way to connect soft tubing ID 1/16" to 1/4" with products that feature a female luer slip or luer lock end without the need for barbs or nuts, the material of medical grade PP ensure the high purity and suitable for non-corrosive liquid and environment. The male luer lock to barb connectors and all luer lock fittings parts meet tight dimensional tolerances for increased reliability and process purity.

  • double male luer lock adapter
  • luer lock male
  • luer lock barb adapter
  • double male luer lock adapter
  • luer lock male
  • luer lock barb adapter

Specification of Male Luer Adapter

Model No.


Tubing ID (mm)



Male Luer to Barb 1.6mm adapter




Male Luer to Barb 2.4mm adapter



Male Luer to Barb 3.2mm adapter



Male Luer to Barb 4.0mm adapter



Male Luer to Barb 4.8mm adapter



Male Luer to Barb 6.4mm adapter


*PP material male luer fittings are in stock, PTFE material need to be customized with MOQ at least 2000 pieces per model, other materials can be customized with MOQ at least 5000 pieces per model, please consult customer service for more information.

Dimension (unit: mm) of Male Luer Adapter

Male Luer Adapter

What is a Luer lock Adaptor?

The Luer lock adapter includes a housing that defines an axis and an internal Luer lock element with a thread. The internal Luer lock element is located inside the housing and is rotatably mounted on the housing for rotating relative to the housing about the axis This allows the Luer lock element to rotate relative to the housing around the axis in a first rotation direction and restricts the Luer lock element to rotate relative to the housing around the axis in a second rotation direction opposite to the first rotation direction, thereby, The position of the internal Luer lock element within the housing prevents manual access to the internal Luer lock element to limit its rotation in the first rotational direction.

What is the difference between male and female Luer lock?

In the electronics and mechanical industries, whether for trade convenience or manufacturing, connectors or some fasteners are usually designed as male and female ends. Generally speaking, the role of the female terminal is to receive and accept the male terminal. There are one or more protrusions, or a section that can be inserted into other parts is called a male end, and vice versa, receiving, or a notch is called a female end. Luer lock (Luer taper) is a standardized micro non-permeable joint, which is connected by a male Luer slip adapter (internal screw connector) and a female Luer connector (external screw connector). To sum up, almost all syringes are male Luer which have a protruding drill bit, and almost all needles are female which possess a small hole for the male drill bit to plug.

What is Luer Lock used for?

Luer connector is a convenient connection device used in the medical industry, which greatly simplifies the management of liquid and gaseous medical fluids. The Luer connector can switch 4 infusion bags without plugging and unplugging the patient's infusion needle. A double male Luer lock adapter is often used. This joint also allows multiple compatible fluids to be managed using the same tube, thereby reducing wounds on the patient. What’s more, the male Luer lock to barb connector is easy to install, provides extremely durable and long-lasting connections, and can be used for all brands of hoses.

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