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Micro Piston Pump

Micro Piston Pump is a type of high-cost performance but high precision fluid dispensing pump for microfluidics from microliters to milliliters, some of them are equipped with a control driver while some not to meet different customers' needs. Standard volume 6ml piston pump works at resolution 1.57μL with repeatability of 0.3%-0.7%, users can control the motor by themselves or use our stepper driver with communication control. The micro piston pump is a very popular and smart precision syringe pump choice for medical systems.

Types of Micro Piston Pump

  • High Quality Materials Selection

    RUNZE micro piston pumps are made of the ceramic cylinder and PC outlet to meet the increased requirements of analysis, it is biocompatible corrosive resisting, non-leakage and reusable in fluidic systems, small footprint and high-cost performance makes it famous star in medical analytical instruments.

  • Accurate Control Units

    The micro piston pumps are composed of a communication driver, high precision stepper motor, optical encoders to work together on achieving the most reliable control systems, besides they are maintenance-free for convenient use.

  • High Cost Performance

    Micro piston pumps have the most configurations from our MiNi SY-04 syringe pumps, the only difference if syringe part, but its cost is much lower than MiNi SY-04 syringe pumps because it is mainly used in low-cost medical devices in large quantities, system cost must be lowered down from each key parts inside, micro piston pumps rightly do this job.

Applications of Micro Piston Pump

Micro Piston Pump is one of the high precision components in medical fluid systems, all the wetted materials are corrosion-resisting to meet the needs of most fluidic systems. Fluid control equipment is widely used in environmental analyzers, laboratory instruments, medical equipment, petrochemical systems, food and beverage vending machine, bio-pharmaceuticals analysis, and metering. High stability is the most important factor, quality materials, complete software, high-quality molding, and machining make these realized to a high level.

  • Environmental Analysis Environmental Analysis

    Environmental on-line analyzers work for high precision content percentage analysis of target samples, RUNZE offers microfluidic solutions dedicated to achieving the accuracy, reliability, stability, durability of microfluidic systems.

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  • Laboratory Instrument Laboratory Instrument

    Laboratory instrument requires compact structure and user-friendly operation, our components designed with small footprint and convenient software that helps manufacturers saving lots of time on material sourcing.

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  • Medical Equipment Medical Equipment

    Medical production line required non-contamination sample transfer and filling, IVD analytical equipment required high precision microliter sample collection, our component are perfect choice for the application.

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  • Petrochemical Engineering Petrochemical Engineering

    Petroleum component measurement system required syringe pump and multiport valve to precisely distribute samples to different bottles; peristaltic pump can be used for corrosive chemicals transfer and detection.

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  • Food and Beverage Food and Beverage

    Front-end food and beverage sample detection required high precision microfluidic syringe pumps; peristaltic pump with FDA tubing works perfectly for mass production line and automatic vending machine.

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  • Bio-pharmaceuticals Bio-pharmaceuticals

    Bio-pharmaceuticals automation device required higher efficiency and precision on medicine production, RUNZE SY syringe pumps provide efficient and precise air or liquid filling and analysis for pharmaceutical systems.

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