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How Does the Multiport Selector Valve Operate? What Are the Precautions for Use?

Ⅰ. How does a multiport selector valve operate?

A directional valve is a valve that uses the relative position between the valve spool and the valve body to connect or disconnect the channels connected to the valve body to change the direction of fluid flow. It makes the actuator start, stop and change the direction of motion.

Multiport selector valve working valve plate is generally configured in groups, the inlet block has a built-in relief valve with three-way pressure compensation bypass function, the relief valve is a logic element, when the multi-way valve stops working, each valve is in the middle position. The valve will bypass the main oil circuit at a specific compensating pressure. When the valve is operating, the bypass port of the valve decreases under load pressure and provides the required flow according to the load pressure.

The multiport selector valve has a maximum operating pressure of 420 bar and a maximum flow rate of 380 l/min in a single piece. the overall uniform modular design allows for a reliable system solution for construction vehicle manufacturers. Users should make different combinations of valve bodies according to the functional requirements, which is simple and reliable.

Ⅱ. The main performance requirements of the multiport selector valve

1. Small pressure loss when the oil flows through the reversing valve.

2. Small leakage of each closed valve port.

3. Reliable reversing; being smooth and rapid when reversing.

Ⅲ. The use of multiport selector valve precautions

1. Before use, please carefully check the nominal pressure, nominal flow and slide valve function of the multiport selector valve to meet the requirements of the hydraulic system.

2. Do not hit or damage the exposed part of the slide valve during transportation, installation and storage of the multiport selector valve.

3. The mounting plate and bracket must be flat, the mounting screws must be tightened with uniform force, and the valve body must not be twisted.

4. When mounting the control mechanism outside the valve, make sure that the slide valve can be moved flexibly without jamming.

5. When the multiport selector valve, a type of multiposition valve, is installed on a machine with severe vibration, vibration damping measures should be taken.

6. If welding is done very close to the valve, prevent spattering of welding slag and damage to the O-ring, dust ring and exposed part of the slide valve.

7. The working oil should be clean and the filtering precision should not exceed 10μm. High level of greasy dirt: according to GB/T14039 of 19/16, the oil viscosity range is 10 to 400mm2/s and the temperature range is controlled from -20 to 80℃.

8. Correctly install the water inlet and return port. It is not allowed to pour high pressure oil into the return port to avoid damaging the valve body.