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What is Switching Valve


The switching valve is the most critical valve in the unit, different channel connections are formed by different operated mechanism ( such as manual control spool transposition, solenoid control or stator and rotor rotary shear ) to meet various fluidic systems requirement for changing the direction of fluid flow. It can be manual valve or automatic valve. The manual valve are suitable for applications that requires low frequency of use, demands operator control. The automated valve suitable for applications that requires fast, consistent flow-stream switching, high torque operation , valve-position feedback or very small flow paths, normally it offers different control options, such as PC or other instrument-triggered.

The switching valves are normally applied in various industrial, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and water treatment, and nowadays they are more and more used in various analysis and research fields.

Runze Fluid Switching Valve

Runze Fluid is a switching valve manufacture, we designed and produced a variety of switching valves, high-pressure valves, multiposition selector valves, two-position multiport switching valves and stand alone smart switching valves. Our switching valves are commonly used in laboratory, chromatography, environmental protection, water analysis and other analytical fields, as well as a variety of other sophisticated processing systems involving fluid distribution or mixing.

Two position switching valve  VS  Multi-position selector valve

Two position switching valve , we also called injection valve, is dynamically alternate between two fluid paths without manually disconnecting tubing. Switching by rotary shear of rotor and stator on the same face, dynamic switching between two fluid paths of multiple channels such as 6/8/10 ports can be realized, usually connected with a sample loop.

Two-position switching valve flow paths configuration


Multi-position switching valve, we also called multi-port or multi-channel selector or selection valve, enable discrete connections among multiple system liquids (mobile phase, reagents, buffers) by means of a common port (inlet or outlet) connected to a number of different reciprocal ports.  In Diagnostic or Sequencing applications, the selection valve alternates between different reagents or sample streams. Compared to two-position switching valve, the multi-position switching valve has a common port which can be the inlet or outlet port for the fluid path. The inlet or outlet of the fluid direction can be randomly connected to either port through the corresponding control. The multi-position switching valves have options for switching channel on 6/8/10/12/16 port and even more ports.

Multi-position switching valve flow paths configuration


High pressure switching valve

Runze Mrv-01B high pressure switching valve is rotary shear switching valve invented by Runze, it can bear the positive pressure 1.2Mpa and negative pressure 0.06Mpa, compared to common solenoid valve, Mrv-01B valve body won’t get heated even under long time working and much longer service life than common solenoid valve. It offers 2/3/4 port options with five valve models (flow paths configuration)

High pressure switching valve flow paths configuration


Stand alone smart switching valve

All of the above switching valves are a critical component that changes the flow path. If they need to operate independently, they also need to be equipped with power generation component and drive control assembly. Runze Fluid LV50 intelligent multi-position switching valve is a stand alone smart switching valve which can plug and play, and achieve port switching in accordance with the predetermined logical sequence by basic programming, the logical sequence, stay time (hour/minute/second), and cycle index can be preset through the keypad. The interface function is clear and intuitive, operations such as adding and deleting items can be easily performed. It can save a lot of time and economic cost for your system.