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Tips on the Usage of Peristaltic


With the technical development of peristaltic pump, its application industries are growing. However, unproper operation or neglect of details will cause effect on the service life of peristaltic pump.

Special protection such as sealing in humid and dusty working environment must be given to the driver of peristaltic pump as it contains delicate components. No further maintenance is required except keeping the pump head and driver clean.

Pump head is easy to install, most of which are installed through screw. Keep the groove of the coupling is corresponding to the pump head; pump head of large flow rate usually need brackets for stable operation.

Frequent change of pump tube is a normal thing in the application. Unproper installation will damage the pump tube. Therefore, the pump tube MUST be kept in the middle of rollers, pay attention to the position where upper pressure presses the hose must be lifted.

The impact of the viscosity of the liquid on the peristaltic pump

Fluid viscosity is an important factor in the selection of peristaltic pump. Viscosity affects the pump speed, efficiency, power etc. When the viscosity of the liquid reaches a certain value, the pumping efficiency decreases due to the limited pumping capacity of the hose. At the same pump speed, the flow rate of a viscous liquid will be smaller than when pumping water. The higher the viscosity, the more the flow rate will also be reduced.


Viscosity is a physical characteristic of a fluid, any fluid has a viscosity, the viscosity of water is 1CP, the following is a table of viscosity of other common liquids for reference: 1CP = 1mPa*s


Peristaltic pump suction range and head on the impact of peristaltic pump flow

Peristaltic pump is a strong self-priming product, theoretically the maximum suction range of water transmission in a large air force up to 9.8 m, but due to the surface tension of the medium in the tube resistance and other effects, the actual situation of the peristaltic pump flow will be attenuated, and the suction range of each additional meter, the peristaltic pump flow will be attenuated by 15%. Suction range and pump head hose and media are related, if there is a high demand for suction range, you can choose a thinner inner diameter, thicker wall hose, while choosing a higher speed drive.


The head refers to the vertical height of the peristaltic pump head to the liquid outlet, for example, wall thickness 1.6mm hose, which has a maximum working pressure (continuous) of 0.17 (Mpa), i.e. 1.7*9.8m, the head can reach 16.7m. When a larger head is required, simply choose a hose with the right pressure-bearing capacity according to your actual needs.

 Hose selection - chemical compatibility, longevity, stiffness

Factors such as chemical compatibility, longevity and hardness of the pump hose affect the efficiency of the peristaltic pump.

The material of the hose determines the chemical compatibility of the hose. When choosing a peristaltic pump for pumping corrosive fluids, the choice of hose material is critical silicone hose can convey aqueous agents, salt solutions, methanol, ethanol, weak acids, weak alkalis, etc., strong corrosive media.

Different materials and specifications of the peristaltic pump tubing service life will also vary, you need to choose the appropriate life of the hose according to the use of the situation. pharmed BPT tube compared to domestic silicone tube life is long, gas tightness will also be better. For example, when doing anaerobic bacteria culture experiments, the airtightness of the pump tube is important to prevent outside oxygen from entering the culture bacteria through the tube.



In addition, imported pump tubing will be more rigid than domestic silicone tubing, in addition to being more chemically compatible and longer lasting. Therefore, when selecting pump tubing and drive options, the effect of pump tubing hardness on the drive should also be considered. If too little torque is selected for the driver, there is a risk that the imported pump tubing will not be compressed.