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The Peristaltic Pump Delivers Water Samples with High Precision to Ensure the Safety of Water Quality

1. Peristaltic pump can solve the problem of water pollution urgently

All kinds of chemicals used and taken by human beings are wantonly polluting the water source which is vital to human lives. These chemicals enter into the sewage treatment link with the sewage, and the treated urban domestic and industrial wastewater is directly recycled or discharged into rivers and lakes. These substances in the natural water environment become rain and groundwater and enter the food chain with the circulation. Finally, it may be brought to your table or cup. In order to effectively control water pollution, in recent years, scientists have actively researched and developed various water treatment processes, as well as supporting water quality detection and monitoring technologies.

2. Peristaltic pump is often used to transmit the sewage to be treated in a fixed time and quantity

In SBR reactor (sequencing batch reactor, a kind of biological reactor, has good effect of nitrogen and phosphorus removal), peristaltic pump can transmit the water sample of fixed volume with high precision within preset time according to the process requirements, and can automatically repeat the cycle process, which can be synchronized with other equipment operations in the system. The peristaltic pump can also be used to test the wastewater treatment capacity of the reactor, so as to shorten the sewage treatment cycle and improve the treatment efficiency. At the same time, because the sewage only flows in the inner wall of the hose and does not directly contact the pump body, the particles and chemical corrosive components in the sewage will not affect the service life of the pump, which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost.

In the water quality detection instrument or online water quality  monitoring system, peristaltic pump or industrial syringe pump is often used to detect sewage samples and various detection reagents, then collect and treat the waste liquid after detection.

Because the industrial syringe pump has the characteristics of high precision, stable performance and good consistency, it helps to reduce the number of reagents and test water samples, so as to reduce the waste liquid produced. At the same time, it can effectively ensure the sensitivity of detection and the effectiveness of detection results, escorting clean water.