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Can Peristaltic Pump Deliver Granular Fluid?

1. Peristaltic Pump can Transport Granular Fluid

We all know that the peristaltic pump can transmit fluid, but can the fluid with particles be transmitted normally? First of all, we need to understand the principle of the peristaltic pump. There is no problem for the peristaltic pump to transmit conventional liquid or liquid with particles, but it must meet several conditions at the same time.

2. The Conditions of Transporting Granular Fluid by Peristaltic Pump

1. Because the fluidity of solid material is far less than that of conventional liquid, the solid to be transported should also meet the condition of low density, so as to minimize the transmission resistance of solid and avoid the accumulation and blockage of solid.

2. The solid transmitted has airtightness, that is to say, in the natural distribution state, the solid to be transmitted in any section of the peristaltic hose has airtightness or low air leakage rate, which requires that the solid exists in the state of fine powder.

3. The transmitted solids are self-lubricating. If the friction between the transmitted solids is large, it is easy to form a tight accumulation between the solids, resulting in the blockage of the transmission pipeline.

The printer toner in daily use meets the above three conditions, so a peristaltic pump can be applied to the transmission of toner. There are a few differences between fluid transmission and liquid transmission. When transporting toner, the toner should be loose and dry, and there should be no hard block; the hose at the suction head and delivery head of the peristaltic pump should be as short as possible, especially at the suction head, which is conducive to the transmission of toner; peristaltic hoses with thick wall and large inner diameter should be used as far as possible; the running speed of peristaltic pump should not be too fast, otherwise it will produce greater compression force on toner, and it is easy to jam; the pressure of peristaltic pump head in fluid transmission should be lower than that in liquid transmission.