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The Difference between the Silicone Tubing for Peristaltic Pump and Ordinary Tubing

1. Peristaltic pump often used by silicone tube for peristaltic pump

We all know that the peristaltic pump transfers liquid by the hose, and the silicone tubing for the peristaltic pump is a more commonly used tubing. Silicone tube is divided into food level, industrial level and other different specifications according to the use, but the price of silicone tube is higher than that of the ordinary tube, why is this? What's so special about it? Let's introduce it to you.

2. The difference between the silicone tube for peristaltic pump and ordinary tubing

1. Because the silicone tube is always squeezed in the process of use, it should have high resilience and be not easy to deform. The silicone tube for the peristaltic pump is made of high-purity wear-resistant silicon material, which has the characteristics of high transparency, high-temperature resistance and 90% resilience.

2. The pump's transmission characteristic is precision transmission, so the accuracy requirements for the tube diameter and wall thickness of the peristaltic pump are very high. The size of the inner diameter directly affects the flow rate of pumping liquid, thus affecting the size of the pump flow;

3. The applications of the peristaltic pumps are wide, and they will be used to transfer acid and alkaline solutions in some industries, so the corrosion resistance of silicon tubes should be higher than other hoses.

4. Impurities and black spots may appear in the wall of general tubes but not appear in the silicone tubing for peristaltic pump, so it will lead to wear and tear in the pumping process.

5. In the wear resistance test of the silicon tube, the continuous working environment of the peristaltic pump will carry out repeated friction and extrusion on the tube, and the general speed is 600 RPM. Ordinary tubes cannot adapt to such frequent extrusion and will be damaged in more than 45 hours.