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Technology and Application of Peristaltic Transfer Pump Control Software

1. Advantages of peristaltic transfer pump

Peristaltic transfer pump is a new type of pump produced and developed in 1950s. Compared with traditional pumps, peristaltic transfer pumps have the following advantages:

(1) It has no pollution. The fluid only contacts the pump pipe without contacting the pump body, and it does not produce mutual pollution;

(2) The precision is high, and the flow precision can be less than ± 1% and it will not be affected by the change of medium viscosity;

(3) With low shear force, it is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and corrosive fluids;

(4) It has good sealing performance and good self-priming capacity. It can be idled and it can prevent backflow;

(5) It is easy to maintain, without valves and seals. In recent years, with the rapid development of peristaltic transfer pump technology, it has been widely used in laboratory and industrial production, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and biological, ceramics, water treatment and food and beverage industry.

2. Technology and application of peristaltic transfer pump control software

Now the peristaltic transfer pump is mostly equipped with the interface with the computer, which is controlled by the computer, so it is convenient to use the peristaltic transfer pump.

The control of peristaltic transfer pump can be divided into local panel operation and computer control. Local panel operation is to set the parameters and operation status of the peristaltic transfer pump through the buttons on the peristaltic transfer pump panel, so as to achieve the purpose of local control of the peristaltic transfer pump. The computer control is to connect the peristaltic transfer pump through the computer serial port and control it with special control software.

The control software of peristaltic transfer pump has two operation modes: manual operation and automatic control. Manual operation mode refers to the manual setting of pump operation mode (such as simple flow rate mode, timing mode, quantitative mode, time intermittent mode, volume intermittent mode and volume + preset time mode), direction, flow rate, time, cycle times and other parameters on the software interface. In this operation mode, all control modes and status queries of the pump can be realized. Automatic control mode is to store the operation mode of peristaltic transfer pump in the configuration file according to the actual needs. After loading this file, the program automatically sends a series of corresponding control commands to achieve the purpose of process control.