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How to Choose Peristaltic Transfer Pump?

Peristaltic transfer pump is composed of driver, peristaltic transfer pump head and peristaltic transfer pump hose. Peristaltic transfer pump needs motor to provide electric drive for other parts.

I. Selection of peristaltic transfer pump motor

The selection of peristaltic transfer pump motor is particularly important after we have determined the flow range and selected the pump head. We must ask clearly when choosing the corresponding motor, and make sure our application: is it for efficiency or flow or for both? You have to figure it out before you choose. Let's talk about the characteristics of different motors.

II. What kind of motor is selected for peristaltic transfer pump?

1. Stepper motor peristaltic transfer pump

The flow accuracy of  stepper motor peristaltic transfer pump is usually 3-5%, which can not be calibrated in real time. Generally, it is to set a speed frequency and it run by itself without feedback mechanism. Then the temperature will be higher when it is being used, about 80 ℃. It's normal, so don't think it's broken when you see it burns when it is being used. It is normal that the peristaltic transfer pump of stepping motor will become more and more inaccurate with the increase of flow element. The above three are more distinctive features of stepper motor peristaltic transfer pump, so you must choose according to your own situation.

2. DC motor peristaltic transfer pump

We generally say that DC motor is DC servo motor, which is also divided into brush DC servo motor and brushless DC motor. Brush DC motor peristaltic transfer pump is generally cheaper, speed adjustment is more convenient, but the disadvantage is that we have to often go to maintenance. The peristaltic transfer pump of brushless DC motor has good quality, intelligent control, no maintenance, fast response and good precision, but it is more expensive.

3. AC motor peristaltic transfer pump

AC motor is similar to brushless DC motor in good quality, but the price is relatively high. It is often used in research institutes and schools. It is suitable to use AC motor peristaltic transfer pump and brushless DC motor peristaltic transfer pump where the flow accuracy is high and the product quality is strict.