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Main Features of Precision Syringe Pump and the Precautions for Its Use

Ⅰ. Understanding Precision Syringe Pumps

The precision syringe pump is a fixed volume type infusion pump, which is a supplement to the volumetric infusion pump in micro-dosing, and has higher accuracy in small doses compared to the general volumetric infusion pump. The precision syringe pump is a reciprocating pump made according to the piston principle, which can pump drugs into the vein at a uniform speed per unit of time and can strictly control the infusion speed and maintain the effective concentration of drugs in the blood.

II. The Working Principle of the Syringe Pump

Syringe pump working principle: When the syringe pump works, the microcontroller system sends out control pulses to make the stepper motor rotate, and the stepper motor drives the screw to turn the rotational motion into linear motion, which pushes the piston of the syringe to inject the liquid to achieve high precision, smooth and pulsation-free liquid transfer. The injection speed can be set by the operator through keyboard operation. After the injection pump is started, the CPU provides the motor drive voltage with the help of D/A conversion. The motor rotation detection circuit is a set of photoelectric coupling circuits, which generates a pulse signal through the rotation of the motor, and this pulse signal is fed back to the CPU, which controls the motor voltage according to this feedback in order to obtain the set speed.

III. The Main Features of Precision Syringe Pump and Its Use Precautions

The main features of precision syringe pump

1. 10 microliter-60ml syringe capacity; 

2. excellent control system and mechanical structure of precision syringe pump, less ±0.35% accuracy error of stroke control and multiple working modes; 

3. advanced micro-step control technology to ensure high smoothness and uniformity of operation at any flow rate (including resonant flow rate); 

4. transmission screw fixing method, high-strength aircraft bearings, and the force transmission structure adopting a unique mechanical design to ensure the stability of the syringe pump under high-intensity operation; 

5. PLC, microcontroller and other upper computers to form an automatic control system.

Notes on the use of a precision syringe pump: When the power is turned on and the syringe is not installed, press the (power) switch and make sure that all the indicators are flashing and a beeping tone appears. If there is any abnormality in the machine self-test, turn off the power immediately and notify the professional maintenance personnel immediately. Disposable syringes should be used for syringe pumps. Try to use specific syringes. Before using, confirm that the manufacturer of the syringe is the same as the specific one; if it is different, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the infusion speed and the accuracy of the alarm.