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Runze Fluid Peek Fititngs

Runze Fluid Peek Fititngs

Runze Fluid, a professional China manufacturer and supplier of a variety of accessories for various analysis systems, not only focuses on the research and development of different precise pumps and valves but also the R&D of multifunctional plastic fittings and connectors. PEEK spare part is one of the most commonly used accessories for fluid transmission. Peek fitting is favored by more and more industry applications because of its high-quality characteristics.

What is PEEK?

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a colorless organic thermoplastic polymer in the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family, used in engineering applications. PEEK fabricates items for demanding applications, including bearings, piston parts, pumps, high-performance liquid chromatography columns, compressor plate valves, and electrical cable insulation. It is one of the few plastics compatible with ultra-high vacuum applications, which makes it suitable for the aerospace, automotive, and chemical industries.

PEEK is used in medical implants, e.g., use with high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), for creating a partial replacement skull in neurosurgical applications.

PEEK is used in spinal fusion devices and reinforcing rods. It is radiolucent, but it is hydrophobic causing it to not fully fuse with the bone. PEEK seals and manifolds are commonly used in fluid applications. PEEK also performs well in high-temperature applications (up to 500 °F/260 °C). Because of this and its low thermal conductivity, it is also used in FFF printing to thermally separate the hot end from the cold end.


Runze Fluid Peek Fititngs

Runze Fluid offers various kinds of plastic fittings made of different materials, here is a table to present the comparison of the differences between PTFE and PEEK




Tensile Strength

25-35 Mpa

90-100 Mpa




Compressive Strength

30-40 Mpa

140 Mpa

Flexural Modulus

495 Mpa

3900 Mpa

Coefficient of Friction



Temperature resistance

Up to 250°C

Up to 250°C

Dielectric strength

50-150 Kv/mm

50 Kv/mm

Chemical resistance

Virtually inert

Affected by Sulphuric acid

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion

14 x 10-5/K

5 x 10-5/K



Very good


Moderately expensive

High expensive

PTFE is employed in a variety of equipment and mechanical parts across a wide range of industries, including cookware, fabric, medical, and many others, due to its durability. Here are a few examples of PTFE parts:

  • Petrochemical plant

  • Valve seats

  • Corrosive chemical plant

  • Pharmaceutical plant

  • High voltage applications

  • RF & microwave antenna use

  • Semiconductor equipment

  • Aerospace equipment

PEEK is a robust polymer known for its long-term durability and ability to survive the harshest conditions. PEEK is used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and many more. Here are a few examples of its uses:

  • High Vacuum plant

  • High pressure valves

  • Nuclear environments

  • Food processing equipment

  • Chemical industries

  • Oil & Geothermal wells

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography

What are PEEK Fittings?

Peek fittings is one of the high-quality plastic fittings, it can realize the function of fixed connection of different kinds of tubing with various instruments, and the setting of various flow paths like other fittings parts, such as flangeless fittings, flanged fittings, Luer adapters, or Luer fittings, bulkhead union, threaded fittings, and other plastic connectors.

High-performance machined peek fittings, worked as plastic peek screws, are simple to use, hand tightening without the help of tools. Normally, it can be disassembled repeatedly without affecting its sealing.

Runze Fluid, as a professional, peek fittings supplier in China, offers different types of peek fittings to meet the requirement of different applications, super flangeless fittings, one-piece peek finger tight fittings, two-piece peek flangeless fittings (chromatography ferrule and nut), three-piece peek fittings (nut with ferrule and the lock ring), peek flanged fittings, peek female thread straight / elbow / T / Y / cross-shaped adapters, peek Luer fittings (peek Luer fittings is usually used for chemical analysis and testing equipment) and peek through-panel female thread bulkhead union.

What are the PEEK Fittings Used for?

PEEK Fittings are biocompatible and offer excellent chemical resistance, which can be used at a high temperature of 250℃ and under high pressure for a long time. Due to

excellent chemical and physical attributes, and the excellent mechanical property, peek fittings, as high-pressure fittings, are normally considered as the best economical choice for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC column, we normally consider the peek fittings as the HPLC fittings or HPLC systems high pressure holding capability PEEK super flangeless fittings), genetic testing, advanced bio-analysis, analytical chemistry, industrial microbiology, clinical & diagnostics, filtration, materials science, protein biology, experimental analytical instruments and other areas of the analytical instrument.