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Quality Inspection Trainning for Runze Product

New round of product quality inspection training courses for RUNZE FLUID technical sales and service personnel has begun!! What ensures the steady operation of Runze fluid and the continuous favor of our customer groups? Definitely, that is Quality.

Quality inspection determines and verifies the quality level of the products to ensure that the results of the manufacturing process are the same as expected. Quality inspection is done to reveal the product faults and inform the management team to make a decision to allow or deny product release.



As a 8 years professional peristaltic pump , syringe pumps, switching valves manufacturers and supplier, all of Runze pumps (such as peristaltic pump head , oem peristaltic pump, 24V peristaltic pump, intelligent peristaltic pump ,peristaltic dosing pumps, small peristaltic pump, stepper motor peristaltic pump,lab syringe pump ,high precision syringe pump ,laboratory syringe pump , glass syringe pump, industrial syringe pump,micro liter syringe pump ,multi syringe syringe pump) and valves(multi switching valve, multiport selector valve, two position selector valve,injection switching valve, electric rotary valve, high pressure solenoid valve, intelligent switching valve) products must be 100% passed quality inspection before they can be put into product warehousing for sale. So every Runze service staff must be very familiar with the quality inspection process of our products.


Runze not only focus on the production line quality inspection but also set up a special inspection department for finished product inspection.


The quality inspection process of peristaltic pump includes ,Aging test,Appearance inspection, Power supply version inspection, key check and inspection,stored memory detection, external control mode inspection ,communication inspection and accuracy inspection;


The quality inspection process of syringe pumps includes: Chemical test ,back pressure test ,Aging test, baking, product version inspection, air tightness inspection, threaded port inspection, and appearance inspection.



The quality inspection process of selector valves includes: Chemical test ,back pressure test , high speed operation test, ASCII communication code test, Runze OEM communication instruction code test, air tightness test and appearance detection.