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Precision Peristaltic Pumps Play a Significant Role in Various Industries

A peristaltic pump consists of three parts: a driver, a pump head, and a tubing. The main competitive advantages of peristaltic pumps are that the fluid is isolated in the tubing, the tubing can be quickly replaced, the fluid can be reversed, and it can run dry with low maintenance costs. Precision peristaltic pumpsare widely used in various fields, and their use in fully automatic washing machines is no longer uncommon.

Application of precision peristaltic pump in automatic washing machine

Large-scale automatic washing machines require the addition of various chemicals in a quantitative and timed manner to complete the entire automatic washing process. As the tubing of precision peristaltic pumps can withstand various chemicals, there is no possibility of cross-contamination, and the sealing is good, and it can quantify the pumping of viscous liquids, this task is ideal for precision peristaltic pumps to complete.

Because the detergent has a certain viscosity, when selecting precision peristaltic pump, it is recommended to choose those with relatively thick tubing walls to allow the performance of the precision peristaltic pump to be more fully demonstrated. Using a precision peristaltic pump to complete this task can achieve automatic measuring of how much detergent should be added based on the amount of clothing, thereby eliminating the waste of detergent or the problem of insufficient detergent. This not only reduces environmental pollution and water waste but also saves labor costs. Precision peristaltic pumps that add laundry detergent will be increasingly recognized by users and become an indispensable part.

Applications of precision peristaltic pumps in laboratory experiments

Precision peristaltic pumps are widely used in the preparation of culture media, tissue culture medium preparation, filling, and distribution. In the laboratory and scientific research production process, culture media are often used to culture various bacteria, fungi, and biological tissues. The preparation and distribution of various culture media are often a headache for researchers. The measurement process is also a relatively troublesome thing. The filling process is also a repetitive and boring task. Is there a good tool that can be used for measurement and rapid filling?

Through the delivery of the precision peristaltic pump, the precision of the measuring accuracy of the culture medium can reach 0.05%, so the distribution error of each portion of the culture medium can reach ±0.05%. The culture medium only passes through the tubing of the precision peristaltic pump during the delivery process, which can ensure the cleanliness of the liquid and not to be contaminated. Precision peristaltic pumps have the built-in distribution function, which can set the amount of culture medium and the number of filled bottles. The operation is extremely convenient and simple.

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