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Replacement Frequency and Steps of Peristaltic Pump Tubing

In laboratory, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields, the use of peristaltic pump tubing are quite frequent. Because the liquid transported has a greater particularity, sometimes it is used only once to ensure hygiene and purity. Some new users just start to use the peristaltic pump and have few ideas about when to replace peristaltic pump tubing. The following is to explain the replacement frequency and steps of peristaltic pump tubing.


1. The replacement frequency of peristaltic pump tubing

It is determined by the liquid nature and the choice of the peristaltic pump model. In the circumstance where the pump model is fixed and the liquid transmitted is constant:


General tubing: It can be replaced after being used for 350 hours.


High-quality tubing: It can be replaced after being used for 1000 hours.


The peristaltic hoses do not change, and the liquid transmitted does not change.


The lower the pump speed is, the fewer the squeeze times on the peristaltic pump tubing are, and the longer the replacement interval is.


2. The replacement stapes of peristaltic pump tubing

(1) Put the pump on the platform smoothly.


(2) Open the pump head of the peristaltic pump and take out the hose.


(3) Fit the hose to the pump head to ensure that the hose in the pump head is not too long.


(4) Fasten the hose with the pipe clip and close the pump head.