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How to Use Peristaltic Pumps for Droplet Dispensing?

In the past, peristaltic pumps were mostly used in laboratories. However, after redesigning, the flow rate and pressure of this type of pump have been improved. Now, a large number of peristaltic pumps have been successfully applied to chemical process control and production fields. The main function of peristaltic pumps in the palm wrapping machine is to efficiently and accurately automatically deliver viscous glue to the relevant position of the joint label.

The following problems exist in the previous glue application methods such as roller coating:1、The glue contacting the roller easily contaminates the machine and is not easy to clean.2、The glue coating is uneven, and the amount of glue is not easy to control.3、The glue application process is complicated, and the adjustment is inconvenient. However, peristaltic pumps only touch the pump tube during delivery, and can continuously and accurately deliver viscous glue to the relevant position, so they can solve the problems of glue application in the palm wrapping machine.

How to use the peristaltic pump to apply glue?

The viscosity of the glue is very high, different from the general aqueous fluid, so it can guarantee efficient and long-term stable glue application. Peristaltic pumps have the following precautions when applied to the palm wrapping machine:

  • Select peristaltic pump hoses with slightly thicker walls when choosing hoses.

  • Use peristaltic pump hoses with slightly larger inner diameter properly.

  • Reduce the speed of the precision peristaltic pump as much as possible, usually controlling the speed to be less than 50 rpm.

  • Regularly check and replace the pump tube in advance to prevent the pump tube from rupturing.

  • When choosing a peristaltic pump, try to choose a pump head that can withstand glue, has good resistance to corrosion and structural strength, and choose a peristaltic pump driver with flow display and calibration functions

  • The inlet and outlet hoses of the peristaltic pump should be as short as possible.

  • Pay attention to prevent blockage of the glue application port.

Daily maintenance measures for peristaltic pumps

During daily use, peristaltic pumps should replace hoses as much as possible after long-term use. This can prevent the silicone hose from rupturing and the liquid from seeping into the pump head roller with corrosive liquids flowing into the roller gaps. The peristaltic pump head should be disassembled and cleaned in time to prevent the occurrence of roller jamming caused by solidification in the roller gaps after weathering. The peristaltic pump hose should be replaced in time according to the specific usage frequency of the pump, or frequently moved. If the liquid has strong corrosiveness, please choose hoses of corresponding materials to avoid damage to the peristaltic pump.