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Why Is the Peristaltic Pump Suitable for Aseptic Filling and Metering Filling?

I. There are many kinds of metering filling for aseptic filling.

Common metering filling methods for aseptic filling include time pressuring, plunger pump filling, and peristaltic pump filling. However, with the popularity of biopharmaceuticals and the maturity of disposable packaging material technology, peristaltic pumps are increasingly used in large-scale production. Compared with the plunger pump, the peristaltic pump has the following different characteristics.

II. Why is the peristaltic pump suitable for aseptic filling and metering filling?


The peristaltic pump can provide a wide range of filling volume, 0.1ml~500ml, of course, this depends on different hose diameters. When changing the filling volume, you only need to replace the peristaltic pump tubing with a suitable diameter, and you don't need to purchase and store a pump body compatible with other filling volumes.

2. Sterile

Plunger pumps are composed of multiple mechanical parts that are in contact with the product, such as seals, plungers, pump bodies, and valves (if necessary). These parts undoubtedly need to be assembled, cleaned, and sterilized before use. However, because the current disposable packaging material technology has matured. If a peristaltic pump is used with disposable packaging materials (buffer bags, hoses, filling needles), there is no need to clean and sterilize before use. In this way, any cross-contamination caused by the filling circuit is avoided, and the workload of cleaning verification is reduced.

3. Product suitability

If the product has a high viscosity, the plunger pump will easily generate a relatively large pressure in the inner cavity when the piston squeezes the liquid medicine. In micro-filling, this pressure easily affects the filling accuracy, while the filling pressure of the peristaltic pump is relatively low.

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