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Do You Know the Reasons Behind the Flow Rate Difference in Precision Peristaltic Pump?

Why choose precision peristaltic pump?

Industrial peristaltic pumps can handle a variety of specifications of silicone tubes, with strong power, adjustable flow pressure, large conveying flow range, stable flow rate, and continuous stepless speed regulation. Because the conveyed material does not need to be in contact with the outside world, it can prevent pollution, so it is widely used in production and experiments of major factories and mines, colleges and universities, hospitals, and research institutes. And when you need to handle fluids with high viscosity, high corrosiveness, and high abrasion resistance, precision peristaltic pumps are your best choice. The design of the precision peristaltic pump is simple, but it can provide accurate fluid flow for many important fields. So, how does this precision peristaltic pump work in practical applications?

Precision peristaltic pump is a positive displacement pump used to transport various fluids. The fluid flows in the soft tube in the pump, and the movement that transports the fluid is called peristalsis. At the same time, according to the compression and relaxation of the tube, the fluid in the pump is sucked in or discharged. It can work normally without any fluid and will not cause damage to any parts.

What are the reasons for the flow rate difference of precision peristaltic pump?

Some customers find that when using precision peristaltic pump with high accuracy requirements, there may be more or less differences in the flow rates of different channels in practical use. So, what are the reasons for the flow rate difference of precision peristaltic pumps?

The influence of peristaltic pump tubes, this is an important aspect

The peristaltic pump tube is an elastic material, and it is difficult to ensure that each section of the pump tube processed is consistent. It is very difficult to process the tube with accuracy level of 1 wire. There are many factors that affect the size of the tube, such as discharge speed, environmental temperature, and formula differences, which cannot be completely controlled. In general, the thickness error of the wall of the thin tube is within ±0.1mm, and for thicker peristaltic pump tubes, it will be within ±0.3mm. Such a large size error will have a significant impact on the flow rate.

The overall structure of the precision peristaltic pump

For parts processed from high-precision machine tools, the error can generally be ensured within 1 wire. If the fixture and structure design are reasonable, the differences in the structure of the precision peristaltic pump body can basically be ignored. If the pump body structure is an injection molded part, the differences produced will be much larger than that of machined parts. Under the same conditions, if 1,000 plastic parts are injection molded and measured on a three-coordinate measuring instrument after complete cooling, it is difficult to produce completely consistent dimensions.