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Comparison of Peristaltic Pump Dosing and Metering Pump Dosing

Peristaltic pumps and metering pumps are often used in some dosing systems, such as the addition of digestive agents in swimming pools, and chlorination of tap water. Common metering pumps include diaphragm metering pumps and plunger metering pumps. Peristaltic pumps are also divided into high-pressure peristaltic transfer pumps and low-pressure peristaltic transfer pumps. Two different types of pumps have their own characteristics and differences in the application of medicines. The details are as follows:

1. The liquid of the peristaltic transfer pump only touches the peristaltic pump tubing. Unlike plunger pumps and metering pumps, there are dead corners in the pump and it is easy to leave liquid in the pump.

2. The discharge pressure of conventional peristaltic transfer pumps is within 0.2MPa. High-pressure peristaltic transfer pumps are relatively rare, and the pressure can reach 0.6MPa.

3. The metering pump cannot transport fluids containing solid impurities, and the peristaltic transfer pumps can transport solids particles with a diameter not exceeding 30% of the pipe diameter.

4. The accuracy of the peristaltic transfer pump is slightly better than that of the metering pump, and the peristaltic transfer pump accuracy can reach 1%.

5. It is very convenient to replace the hose of the peristaltic transfer pump; the maintenance of the metering pump is relatively troublesome, and it is troublesome to replace the seal and diaphragm.

6. Peristaltic pumps can usually replace metering pumps at a flow rate of around 10L per hour or less. The cost of a higher flow rate peristaltic transfer pump is higher. In terms of cost performance, metering pumps are easier to achieve greater flow and pressure, and their prices are lower.

7. In terms of the properties of conveying liquids, peristaltic transfer pumps can convey higher viscosity liquids. Surely, the efficiency will also decrease.