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Why Is the Connection between the Peristaltic Hoses and the Pump Head Explosive?

I. Why is the connection between the peristaltic hoses and the pump head explosive?

In the entire peristaltic pump system, peristaltic hoses are commonly used consumables. In addition to normal wear and tear, various problems can also occur if they are improperly operated. Some people will have such questions: Why is the connection between the hose and the pump head easy to explode? Let me now explain it to you.

1. Phenomenon

When observing the pump tube, if there is a bursting part, there will be a number of relatively smooth openings as if they have been struck by a sharp object, and generally appear in the pump head.

2. Reason

This phenomenon is usually caused by scratches on the runner flange of the pump head. It is because the peristaltic hoses in the pump head are too long, causing the edge of the rotor to touch the hose when the pump head is running. In the case of constant friction, the loss of the pump tube will be aggravated. Generally, a burst will occur in about ten minutes, and a lot of pump tube residue will be generated after the burst.

3. Solution

(1) Straighten the hose when installing the peristaltic pump tubing to make the hose fit the rotor in the pump head.

(2) Clamp the hose with the clamp on the pump head, mainly to prevent the pump from loosening during operation.

II. Peristaltic hoses storage

1. The storage environment should be a sealed and cool environment, which can effectively prevent sun exposure and rain.

2. Avoid putting it together with chemical agents, especially in the chemical industry, so as to avoid some losses.

3. The stored peristaltic hoses can be placed in the original packaging, if there is a chuck, it can be better used if it is well preserved.