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What Are the Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps in Liquid Filling?

Peristaltic pumps have good repeatability in small volume fluid distribution and metering. Valveless models eliminate common fluid blockages and siphoning. A split-type pump system can allow the same pump to have multiple uses.Peristaltic pumps work by driving the liquid in the pipeline through the rollers, but what advantages does this filling tool have over others?

What are the advantages of peristaltic pumps in liquid filling?

  • Peristaltic pumps can choose different materials for pipes according to different liquids to make filling more flexible.

  • The maintenance of peristaltic pumps only requires replacement of the tube, which is more convenient and worry-free maintenance than other filling equipment.

  • Widely applicable. Peristaltic pumps are suitable for the conveying of liquid nitrogen, juice, sulfuric acid, medicinal liquid, liquid fertilizer, formic acid, lye and other liquids.

  • No other parts of the fluid come into contact during transport, which avoids the possibility of fluid corrosion of the pump or pump contamination of the fluid.

  • The cleaning process is simple. Traditional metering pumps must be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, while the maintenance of peristaltic pumps only requires replacement of the feeding tube.

Applications of peristaltic pumps in industries


Pump tube types that are pollution-free and non-corrosive are very popular. Pump tubes that comply with USP VI can withstand high-temperature disinfection. There are many driver options available for use in various pumping applications, such as pumping nutrients or pH adjusters during medium fermentation processes and distributing cosmetics.

General industry

Peristaltic pump can work in continuous pumping applications and can quickly detect and solve many difficult problems that occur in fluid delivery. They can pump sewage, suspended solids, corrosive chemicals, and other difficult fluids, and the pumping flow rate can reach 35 liters/minute. Many drivers can be used in harsh factory environments. The self-priming and dry running capabilities of peristaltic pumps can eliminate many catastrophic failures in industrial systems. Some common applications include pumping fuel, corrosive chemicals for etching, printing inks, laundry chemicals, grinding fluids, lubricants, etc.

Food and chemical processes

Many existing pump tube materials can meet the requirements of USP, FDA, NS, and 3A. Smoothly convey viscous fluids and fine and soft particles, and with quick pump cleaning process, peristaltic pumps are highly favored. Common applications include distributing juice, yogurt, flavorings, syrups, and other foods on a food production line or stand-alone machine, as well as in biomedical, papermaking, ceramics, construction, mining, beer, water treatment, and other industries.

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