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Under These Circumstances, Special Attention Should Be Paied to Industrial Syringe Pumps

Ⅰ. What are the characteristics of industrial syringe pumps?

1. High output pressure: the liquid output pressure can be as high as 400Mpa.

2. Wide range of application: the working medium can be hydraulic oil, water and most chemically corrosive liquids, and high reliability. It is maintenance-free and enjoys a long service life.

3. Wide range of output: for all models of pumps, only a small air pressure is needed to work smoothly. At this time, you can obtain a small flow. If you adjust the air intake, you can get different flows.

4. Flexible application: choose different models of pumps and you can get different pressure areas.

5. Easy to adjust: in the pressure range of the pump, you can adjust the regulating valve so as to adjust the input air pressure and the output hydraulic pressure can be adjusted steplessly accordingly.

6. Automatic pressure maintenance: no matter what causes the pressure of the pressure-keeping circuit to drop, systech pump will automatically start to replenish the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant.

7. Safe operation: it is gas driven, without arc and spark, and can be used in dangerous places.

8. Simple maintenance: compared with other gas-driven pumps, the industrial syringe pump can do the same job But with fewer parts and seals, maintenance is simpler.

Ⅱ. The industrial syringe pump should be used under these circumstances with special attention

As a professional syringe pump supplier, we provide high quality and very safe syringe pumps. However, special attention should be paid before using the industrial syringe pump in the following cases.

1. When the AC or DC interface is wet with liquid, it will cause a short circuit of the syringe pump. Therefore, the syringe pump should be placed in an appropriate location to ensure that the interface will not be wet when the power is applied.

2. When using the syringe pump close to the electric knife, the medical electric knife is a surgical instrument that uses high frequency current to generate high energy for cutting or coagulation of living tissue. When the syringe pump is used close to such an electric knife, the industrial syringe pump may malfunction due to high frequency interference.

When using the industrial syringe pump and the electric, you should pay attention to the following matters.

The degree of high-frequency interference varies between different types of electric knives. The interference of the old type of electric knives is greater (vacuum tube and discharge system), and such type of electric knives should be avoided; keep sufficient distance between the wires (electric knife fixer, head connection line, electrode plate connection line) or the main body of the electric knife and the syringe pump. Generally, the farther apart the better, and try not to share the same power supply.

Do not use contact tools, radio devices, or defibrillators that generate high frequencies near the syringe pump, and ensure that the syringe pump is reliably grounded. When using computers, electric knives, etc., it is easier to affect the operation of the infusion pump. Operators should check frequently and regularly whether the syringe pump is operating properly.