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The Principle and Characteristics of Peristaltic Pump

1. Peristaltic Pump Working Principle

Simply put, a peristaltic pump works like a finger clamping on a resilient hose. As the finger moves, the fluid inside the hose moves. With the move of the finger, the outlet end of the hose produces positive pressure to discharge the liquid, and the inlet of the hose produces negative pressure to suck in the liquid. The peristaltic pump pipe works in a peristaltic state, so it is called peristaltic pump. The fluid is transported by the forward direction displacement of the pressure wheel, so the peristaltic pump belongs to the positive displacement pump.




(1) The runner of the peristaltic pump for sale will compress the resilient hose and keep the seal before and after the pressure point.


(2) With the rotation of the pressure wheel, the pressure point on the hose moves accordingly. Because there is a resilience force on the hose, the hose on the inlet side of the pump bounces back naturally when the pressure wheel leaves, and the inlet pipe produces negative pressure and inhales the liquid.


(3) With the continuous rotation of the peristaltic pump rotor, the fluid in the hose is continuously discharged.


Key points: the peristaltic hose with resilience force, sealing before and after the pressure point, positive displacement to discharge liquid.


2. Characteristics of Peristaltic Pump for Sale

(1)  Cleanliness: The pumped liquid only passes through the hose without polluting the pump body. More hoses can be used to transport different liquids.


(2)  Precision: It can accurately control and adjust the flow with an accuracy of 5‰~2%.


(3)  Self-priming characteristic: dry running without pump priming. The max suction height can be up to 8 meters.


(4)  Globe valve characteristic: The runner pressure point of the peristaltic pump for sale keeps the hose in the cut-off state and has the function of a globe valve.


(5)  Positive and negative rotation: The change of transmission direction can be realized by reversing rotation of motors, so as to achieve positive and negative rotation and suction easily.


(6)  No shear: Liquid transport in peristaltic pump for sale is realized by the peristaltic hose, so there is no shear to the fluid in the hose. Fragile particles in the fluid will not be destroyed by pumping.


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