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Peristaltic Pumps Applied in the Chemical Production Industry

A peristaltic pump is one of the fastest growing types of positive displacement pumps in the market. However, many people are still unfamiliar with the technical principles and advantages of this type of pump, also known as a hose pump. In the past, this type of pump was almost exclusively used in laboratories. But after redesign, the flow rate and pressure of this type of pump have been improved. Now, a large number of peristaltic pumps have been successfully applied in chemical process control and production.

Peristaltic pump is suitable for various complex application areas

The popularization of peristaltic pumps can be attributed to their design. The design uses a motor to drive a set of rollers to rotate. The rollers sequentially crush and release the soft tube, producing vacuum, sucking in the fluid and transporting it through the soft tube to complete the transportation process. Because only the soft tube is the part that comes into contact with water, the maintenance and cleaning of this type of pump is simple and convenient. This design brings several benefits, which enable the peristaltic pump to adapt to various complex and difficult application areas.

What are the advantages of using peristaltic pump in the chemical industry?


The design configuration of the peristaltic pump can ensure that the transported fluid always flows inside the soft tube. This is very important for two reasons: first, the fluid will not contaminate the pump; second, the pump will not contaminate the fluid. This advantage is particularly prominent when transporting chemically corrosive fluids or high-purity fluids. As the fluid does not come into contact with gears, sealing elements, diaphragm elements or other moving parts, it is simple to select a pump with chemical compatibility for a specific solution, just by choosing a soft tube that is chemically compatible with the solution.

Self-priming ability

When the peristaltic pump starts up, it can generate enough suction to draw the solution from the solution source into the soft tube, thus eliminating the need for pre-pumping and filling the suction pipe with water. This also eliminates the need for immersion filling, making the installation position of the pump more flexible and making it possible to move the pump at will. In addition, water will not be lost in the peristaltic pump during filling, so unnecessary downtime can be eliminated.

High operational efficiency

The operational efficiency of the peristaltic pump is very high. This advantage is particularly evident when transporting corrosive chemical substances. In such cases, other types of pumps require anti-corrosion treatment of multiple parts that come into contact with water. When transporting, transferring or distributing such chemical substances, it is wise to purchase a peristaltic pump with chemically compatible soft tubes instead of expensive and specially made pump parts.

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