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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Peristaltic Pump?

1. It is very important to improve the efficiency of peristaltic pump

As a piece of fluid equipment, peristaltic pump is widely used in pharmacy, food, chemistry and other industries, conveying some viscous and strongly corrosive media with grinding effect, high purity requirements and certain granular materials. So how to improve the efficiency of peristaltic pump becomes very important.

2. How to improve the working efficiency of peristaltic pump?

(1) peristaltic hoses

The quality of the peristaltic hoses will directly affect the accuracy and stability of the flow. However, the main factors that can affect the life of a peristaltic pump hose are the running speed of the pump head, the material of the hose and the pressure tube clearance between the roller and the circular arc of the pump head.

(2) Material selection

The service life of the silicone tube is generally defined as 200 hours (uninterrupted operation at 600 rpm), while under the same conditions, the high quality peristaltic hose can achieve a long service life of more than 1200 hours.

With the development of the market, the corrosion-resistant peristaltic pump complements the shortcomings of traditional peristaltic pumps according to the special characteristics of the medium (such as the corrosivity). Industry experts said that the conveying of corrosive media is often accompanied by high temperature, high pressure or impurities, which will further affect the life of the pump. A variety of chemicals and solvents is often accompanied by temperature rise in the transfer process, and high viscosity and high specific gravity phenomena may exist in many media for a variety of reasons. These phenomena will produce a severe test for the pump.