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Do You Know the Operation Principle of Switching Valve?

Switching valves are not common in life, but there are many application scenarios. For example, it is used in the multi-function coffee machine used at home. When you want to drink American coffee or latte, just put the cup, click the button and wait for a few minutes. At this time, the multifunctional coffee machine continuously switches the coffee ratio through the switching valve according to the set program, so that a cup of delicious coffee is completed.

Simply put, it is controlled by compressed air through a signal from a solenoid valve. According to the structure type, there are vertical and horizontal, and vertical switching valves can be divided into two types: air-open and air-closed. The air-open type means that when the signal compressed air is cut off, the valve flap can be automatically opened by its own weight; otherwise, it is an air-closed type. The choice of air opening and air closing is determined by the safety of the device. The nitrogen switching valve is air-open, and the air switching valve is air-closed.

In addition to requiring the switching valve to have good sealing performance and high operational reliability, a series of requirements for long-term maintenance-free operation and prevention of molecular sieve punching are put forward. Due to the influence of the structure, the wearing parts of the single eccentric butterfly valve need to be replaced regularly, and the triple eccentric butterfly valve cannot control the maximum pressure difference well, so that the two are limited when they are used in large air separation plants, especially those above grade of 40000m3/h.