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Detailed Information about Laboratory Syringe Pumps

Laboratory syringe pumps are instruments commonly used in life science research to perform homogeneous microinjections over long periods of time, providing basic injection process elements such as constant flow, flow increment, flow decrement, flow variation, cyclic cycles, and flow pulses. The controller and the execution unit of the laboratory syringe pump are of split structure, and the execution unit is equipped with a mounting bracket for easy use with microscopic manipulation equipment, stereotaxic instruments and other fixtures.

I. What are the Functional Characteristics of Laboratory Syringe Pumps?

Functional features of laboratory syringe pump:

1. LST01-1A syringe inner diameter input function: you can select the syringe from the list or directly input the inner diameter of the syringe.

2. The micro syringe pump human-machine interface is friendly: large screen LCD display, digital knob and membrane buttons used in conjunction with the easy and fast operation. 

3. Power-down memory function: EEPROM to save the set parameters, after re-powering, no need to re-set; flow mode when running Power off, after restoring power on can continue to run or stop according to the set parameters.

4. Blockage protection function: When the propulsion mechanism of the syringe pump is blocked during the work, the laboratory syringe pump will stop the work of the propulsion mechanism to sound the siren alarm.

5. 485 communication lines can be used to connect with the host computer and control it through the background software.

6. External control interface: the laboratory syringe pump is equipped with an input/output control function.

7. Liquid volume calibration function: more accurate flow rate can be obtained through calibration procedures. 

8. Syringe protection function: syringes can be prevented from damage by adjusting the position of the limit block.

Ⅱ. The Laboratory Syringe Pump Use of Precautions

Precautions for the use of laboratory syringe pumps:

1. Use and product matching power adapter.

2. There is a danger of extrusion between the push block and the end block, do not put your fingers between the push block and the end block when the laboratory syringe pump is in operation.

3. The laboratory syringe pump may cause liquid to spill out if you push or pull too much when using the syringe, which may cause injury to the human body or the equipment, so please operate with caution.

4. Laboratory syringe pump equipment failure should be promptly contacted with the syringe pump supplier or manufacturer, do not open the housing yourself.

5. Please be careful to plug and unplug the cable between the power adapter and the power port, do not damage the plug.

6. If the power supply or plug is worn or otherwise damaged, please unplug the power supply. 

7. Please note when supplying power to the laboratory syringe pump: If high voltage static electricity is strung into the product, it will damage the product. Please isolate it before supplying power to the product! 

8. If the power supply or plug is worn or otherwise damaged, please unplug the power supply and replace it promptly.