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Application of Digital Peristaltic Pump

1. About the digital peristaltic pump

The digital peristaltic pump is a section of pump tube between two rotating rollers to form a "pillow"-shaped fluid. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and some characteristics of the rotor. The flow rate depends on the product of the three parameters: the speed of the pump head, the size of the "pillow", and the number of "pillows" produced per revolution of the rotor. The scale of the "pillow" is generally constant.

The flow display of the digital peristaltic pump is displayed after conversion of the speed, which does not represent the actual flow of the current delivery, and is not the actual result of the flowmeter detection or the weighing of the load cell. Therefore, the displayed flow rate is the result displayed on the interface after the flow rate of each circle of the pump is converted by the coefficient.

The flow of digital peristaltic pump per revolution is relatively accurate and constant, so it is also called a constant flow pump. The flow error of each revolution is small, so with each increase/decrease of the corresponding number of revolutions (rotation speed), the transmitted fluid flow will increase or decrease accordingly. Therefore, we can calculate the size of the traffic transmitted per unit time through the traffic transmitted per lap.

2. Application of the digital peristaltic pump

Many users work in the field of experimental scientific research, so they are not unfamiliar with culture medium. Culture medium refers to a nutrient substrate made from a combination of different nutrient substances that supply microorganisms, plants, or animals (or arrangements) to grow and reproduce. The foundation material that supplies nutrients to cells and promotes cell proliferation is also the living environment for cell growth and reproduction. There are many varieties of cultural media, and different cultural media have different ingredients. However, repeated manufacturing and sub-assembly will greatly affect the operating efficiency of the operators when there is nothing. In the manufacturing process of the culture medium, there are certain requirements, which must be measured and manufactured according to different proportions, and accuracy is strictly required.

Digital peristaltic pumps can meet these requirements and are widely used in university and enterprise laboratories. It is a good helper for medium manufacturing, medium loading, medium packing, etc. Its flow range is wide, and the transmission accuracy can reach ±0.5%. It has functions such as timing measurement, distribution times, timing start, and stopping. A major feature of using a digital peristaltic pump for medium transmission is that the tissue culture solution only passes through the hose during the transportation process, thus ensuring that the liquid is not affected by the pump body. Choosing it for fluid transmission not only helps operators improve their work efficiency, but also reduces their work intensity.