Air Solenoid Valve

Medium: liquid, gas
Trigger voltage DC7-33V
Power supply DC24V/2A
Ceramic/sapphire spool
Two status ransom start

Product Details


Model No.


Fluid path


Dead volume


Port diameter 

1.5mm (3.0mm customized)

Port numbers

2/3/4 ports


1/4-28UNF internal screw thread

Power supply


Trigger signal


Status output signal

3.3V-24V High and low level output

Replaceable parts

stator replaceable, sealed rotor unreplaceable


random start to two different status



Switch speed


Air pressure


Water pressure


Dimension (L*W*H)


Working temp.


Liquid temp.


Max current


Max power


Working humidity


Liquid temperature


Net weight


Optional Valve Head

Product Advantage
a. Max. pressure 1Mpa
b. Valve works by plane switching with no liquid fluctuation when processing, which effectively avoid the liquid dripping and backflow when proceeding accurate micro sampling.
c. Valve with feedback signals when working or stopping for upper monitor to check ON-OFF status.

Valve Function
(1) Specification: two/three/four channel valve
(2) Two way valve: The path from IN to OUT was opened or closed by rotor.
(3) Three way valve: C refers to public channel, path from ON to C is normally open, path from OFF to C is normally close.
(4) Action: when external trigger signal receives voltage DC7-33V, normally close path will be opened while normally open path will be closed.
(5) Channel diameter is 1.5mm which allows particles with diameter less than 0.1mm. When channel blocked, it will get through with liquid clashing the channel inversely. (except for dead blocked)
(6) Valve screw 1/4-28UNF (Adapted with Teflon hard tube and inverted cone joint)
(7) Max. air pressure ≤1pma
(8) Max. water pressure≤1.2mpa
(9) The valve core is made of particular fine ceramic or sapphire with reliable chemical and physical properties.
(10) The largest diameter of the particles through the path must be less than 0.1mm, kindly suggest filtrating equipment for small floating particles to prolong the product service life.

Two way valve:
Power on with DC24v (+/-), at this moment, when no powered with 7-33v between V-Tin and GND then IN-OFF path will not open; when power with 7-33v between V-Tin and GND then ON-OFF will be opened.
The internal path IN-OFF will be disconnected if there is no 7-33V power voltage between V-Tin and GND. Or it will be connected.

Three way valve:
Power on with DC24v (+/-), at this moment, when no powered with 7-33v between V-Tin and GND then OFF-C path will be opened while ON-C path will be closed; when 7-33v controller signal removed then three way valve will be back to boot default state, that is ON-C path opened, OFF-C closed.
Note: The trigger voltage must be less than 33V, or the inside circuit will be burned; and trigger voltage must be higher than 7v, or the control will not be reliable.

Driver Ports


Port Name


DC24V (+)

DC24V Positive

DC24V (-)

DC24V Negative

V-Tin (DC~33V) (+)

Trigger output signal

DC7~33V Land (-)

Earth wire (Land with DC24V)


External reference volt Land (-)


Output level 1


Output level 2


External reference input volt (+)

Packing & Delivery
● Each pump packed into shaped foam box, then put in outer carton
● Delivery time: one week after payment (sample units) / 20-25 working days (big quantities)
● Delivery way: FedEx, UPS, TNT
● Shipping time: usually 5-7 working days to most countries
● Shipping within 3-5 days after payment done
● Each valve packed separately in safe carton

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