Plastic Hose Clamps

POM material
Tightly fixing tube
Variable sizes for option
Suitable for flexible tube
Used in lab/industrial

Product Details


Product name: Plastic Hose Clamp
Texture: Engineering plastic POM
Working temperature: -30℃-120℃
Working theory: Hose clamp is new type structure fastener with strong mesh which is combined with various features of plastics and well-designed with precise tooth type structure to convert the acting force by adjustment of appearance structure. Hose clamp is common used new type accessory for connecting, fastening and sealing tubes, which can replace traditional fasteners such as screw and nut, metal hose clamp and rope etc. and also with the advantages of easy fastening, strong force, good sealing, convenient disassembly, recycle use and high cost performance.


Disassembly way
Clamp the outermost tooth with a wire-cutter (please don't clamp left and right tooth together), move flatly and gently as the tooth slot, fleetly twist it with small angle (upper and nether tooth misplaced), then it will be loosened. Please note keep small angle when twisting to ensure the tooth undeform when misplaced.


Solutions for problems
1. Checking the fastening effect
Rotate the hose clamp manually to ensure it is tightly fastened with no blind side, good sealing and smooth fastening surface.
2. Leakage and shed after pressured
(1) Leakage after pressed includes many causes such as hose clamp with insufficient force, diameter of tube is far more than outer diameter of connector, tube with insufficient flexibility etc.
(2) Shed after pressured includes two causes: one is surpassing limit pressure of hose clamp with inner tooth prop up outer tooth, multi-tooth lose common mesh (only rely on main tooth); another is friction force between tube and joint is too small or specification of hose clamp is improper with tube sheded off (head part is still fastened). The solution is choose right specification or simultaneously use two pieces hose clamps (head part should be placed at two places, or it will be hard to disassemble)
3. Service life
Usually plastic hose clamp can be used for 2-5years.
Factors which influence the service life are strong acid and alkali, fatigue performance (compact or pressured), product structure and specifications, texture etc.
4. Color difference
Color difference is caused by different production equipments, different parameters of euiqpment during moulding injection, different batches, but property of hose clamp can be ensured to be the same with same raw materials.

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