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Working Principle Of Peristaltic Pump

- Mar 26, 2018 -

The most important property of peristaltic pump is to take pump tube as a chamber, liquid only go through tubing with no pollution by pump itself. Replacing tube is the only and best wat for cleaning which will save a lot of time and cost on disassembly and maintenance.


Peristaltic pumps be applied in industries such as distribution, sampling, metering, filtration, fermentation in food processing, biopharmaceutical, chemical processes and experimental research, agriculture and water treatment etc., where there is liquid there is peristaltic pump. Mostly peristaltic pump is the best choice of dosing corrosive liquid.


The most important thing to choose a good peristaltic pump is to choose a good pump head, pump tube and driver. Customers need to choose specific pump model according to specific application requirements. Also different combination or collections will be used in different fluidic transfer requirements. RUNZE FLUID can provide different types of pump heads, tube sizes and materials and drivers to meet your needs.




Q: How much accuracy of peristaltic pump?

A: RUNZE peristaltic pumps can reach ±1% after accurate adjustment.


Q: How to reduce the dosing pulse of peristaltic pump?

1. Use smaller tube size at same flow rate requirement

2. Use pulse damper to absorb the pulse by air compression

3. Choose peristaltic pump with more rollers to increase the frequency of pulse so as to reduce the pulse.

4. Choose double pump heads stackable to cross the angle of rollers from two pumps which is the best way of cross the pulse then to reduce the pulse.

5. Giving peristaltic pump a negative output pressure to deform the tubing so as to absorb the pulse.


Q:  What is the application of filling peristaltic pump?

A: Filling peristaltic pump is widely used in lab or industrial production such as sample adding at specific volume, single sampling time control, liquid volume control at specific period of time, or repeatedly sampling with specific volume within specific period of time.


Q: What external controls can you provide on peristaltic pump?

A: PWM control by PLC; mechanical control ON/OFF, SPEED and CW/CCW, RS232/RS485/CAN communication control.


Q: How is tubing service life related to working speed of peristaltic pump?

A: Lower speed, longer service life.


Q: Can I use peristaltic pump to transfer corrosive liquid?

A: Yes, different liquid needs to install different materials of tubes, usually rubber tube is for weak corrosive liquid and viton tube is for strong corrosive liquid. The only point is to make sure the target liquid will not have chemical reactions with the tube material.


Q: Is peristaltic pump ok for idling running without liquid going through?

A: Structure and working process decided peristaltic pump can run idling, pumping liquid, gas or mixtures.


Q: Is it possible for peristaltic pump to transfer liquid with impurities and grinded solids?

A: Yes, only if the diameter of particles or impurities less than 1/3 of ID of pump tube, viscosity of impurities is decided by tubing material and elasticity.

Q: Will peristaltic pump be siphoning?

A: No, pump tube is tightly pressed by the block inside pump head to be kept close, so siphoning will not appear when pressure on two sides are within the rated pressure of pump head and pump tube.


Q: Is peristaltic pump kind of self-priming pump?

A: Yes, RUNZE peristaltic pump can self-prime vacuum of 660mm mercury column which is equal to 8.8 meters height of water column.


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