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Why Use A Peristaltic Pump ?

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Peristaltic pumps work by running a tube through a series of rollers. These rollers press against the tube, forcing air out of it and creating a vacuum that draws in liquid for sampling or purging. The faster the rollers turn, the greater volume of liquid is pumped out. Peristaltic pumps deliver continuous, trouble-free operation, making them especially useful for purging VOCs and other contaminants.

Peristaltic pumps are critical for displacing various types of liquids by mechanically pumping out. Most pumps safely remove the liquid while not exposing it to contamination. The pump’s unique and power design makes the peristaltic pump ideal in an industrial environment to remove abrasive and viscous liquids. It is designed to be used in situation such as pumping fluids through infusion devices, aggressive chemicals, or high solid slurries. The devices prevent the fluid to be exposed in the environment thus you will never need to worry about working in an environment where hazardous liquid may be displaced. Our pumps all require low maintenance, making it easy for handlers to use the machine without needing to worry about the cleanliness of the machine. We have pumps of different flow-rates, which is an important feature in selecting the right pump for you. Peristaltic pump can be used in the medical profession which is the recommended option for many patients required to have a heart-lung machine to allow proper blood circulation without compromising the patient’s health.


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