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Water Treatment With Peristaltic Pump

- Apr 20, 2018 -

As the development of social industry and urbanization, pollution gets much worse recently that urgently need to be solved particularly in water treatment which is the most important step for water protection and economic development. Research and develop advanced water treatment technology and industry is the most important way of avoiding water pollution and solving the problem of water shortage. Water treatment is a purifying process to discharged water which aims to make the discharged water reaching the quality level of flowing into specific water or recycle use, so it need pumps for accurate metering, safe, precise and high-effective chemical dosage and transfer.

Peristaltic pump is widely used in water treatment because of its specific characteristics.

1. Peristaltic pump can be used to elevate the water level of pending dirty water with its self-priming ability. Peristaltic pump with low shearing force so that it is very suitable for transfer flocculating agent sensible to shearing and keep the effectivity of flocculating agent. When transferring, liquid only go through pump tube, when dirty water with small amount of mud or sand, it will also be pumped out without block. Peristaltic pump can be used for long service life because it only need to replace pump tube to transfer different liquid.

2. Peristaltic pump is produced with high precision on liquid transfer so as to ensure the liquid accuracy of additive chemical reagent which ensure the target water being properly handled without adding too much harmful chemicals. Otherwise, peristaltic pump was also used for sample or analytical reagent transfer on different water analysis and detection device. 


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