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The Application In Full-automatic Washing Machine.

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Peristaltic pump is well known and used in the application of full-automatic washing

machine. Let me introduce the details as below:

A large automatic washing machine need the chemical detergent to be added quantitative timing to finish the whole washing process. It becomes the best proper device equipped with automatic washing machine since the pump tube with features of good chemicals resistance,no cross contamination,good sealing and high metering precision to viscous detergent.

   Since the viscosity of detergent,the required wall thickness of tube must be more thicker than common using to make the peristaltic pump working with good performance, which will make the detergent to be added automatic quantitative timing according to clothes quantity so as to no waste and insufficient detergent,no any environment pollution and water waste as well as saving the employee expenses.

Based on above ,the peristaltic pump will create large market in application of automatic washing machine.



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