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Technical Performance And Index Of Solenoid Valve

- Jan 12, 2018 -

1. Water valve under the constant pressure of 12bar (can be set), through the maximum of 90 ℃, according to different types of valve requirements (such as 5s 5s broken for a time) to carry out the test, the number of consecutive Tests in 50,000 times (can be set).

2. The test-bed can automatically record the winding of the water valve, the failure of the valve, can record the stop time, but does not affect other water valve work.

3. The test-bed can satisfy 10 valves.

4. Pressure control accuracy ±0.2bar, water temperature control accuracy in ±1℃.

5. Solenoid valve voltage Adjustable (12~300v).

6. Can be used as low voltage pass-off performance test.

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