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Syringe Pump(RUNZE Fluid)

- Jan 03, 2019 -

                                                 Syringe Pump(RUNZE Fluid)

                    ------Analytical Instrumentation

RUNZE Fluidoffers a broad selection of syringe pumps to suit almost every application.Syringe pump models have been expanded to include new innovative pumps with the widest range of flow rates and forces of any manufacturer.


With more than ten years years of success and a proven track record of designing and manufacturing high quality reliable syringe pumps, only RUNZE Fluidhas the scientific depth and fluidics knowledge to recommend the right pump and accessories for your application. Our superior technical experts are available to assists you from start to finish. 


Analytical instruments rely on syringe pumps to deliver precise amounts of fluid for analysis. These can vary from single syringe systems to multiple, highly automated syringe systems.Syringe pumps can come in standard or highly customized configurations that vary dependent on factors such as media and lifetime expectancy. One of the key components of a syringe pump is the seal, which not only provides a sealing control function but also helps to regulate the friction within the syringe system. A well-made seal will extend maintenance intervals and help the system deliver precise levels of fluid for a longer period of time.Offer sealing solutions in a number of low friction materials that are ideal for the syringe pump application. With over 22 FDA compliant or USP Class VI certified materials, there are plenty of materials from which to choose the precise fit for this application. Typical materials for the syringe pump application include PTFE, PTFE blends.


The pumps can be used with a wide range of accessories (Valves, connectors, Footswitches, alarms, syringe warmers…) for continuous delivery, “auto fill” functions, daisy chains or any other specific application requiring additional features.

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