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SY-03 Syringe Pump

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Industrial syringe pump SY-03 is high performance, high reliability and automatic precision syringe pump which is mainly used in analytical device for programmable automation process. SY-03 syringe pump was made of multichannel distribution valve and borosilicate glass syringe and controlled by RS232, RS485 or CAN communication which send signals to its actuator for accurate control and finish complex actions. SY-03 is programmable with powerful storage to make it the best parts in automatic device.


SY-03 syringe pump can be standard equipped with several syringe models to realize automatic high precision liquid transfer, dilution and distribution. Both syringe and valve are under good chemical properties to ensure reliable device performance then bring SY-03 syringe pump to wide application areas.


Technical parameters

Stroke length60mm
Linear speed0.017mm/s—5mm/s (medium: water)
Running time (within stroke)12s-35030s(medium:   water)
Max piston drive≧80N
Secondary piston driver≧40N
Valve switch speed≤200ms
Flow pathBorosilicate   glass, PTCFE, ceramic or sapphire
Max pressure0.7Mpa
Dimension (L*W*H)65*254*145mm
Power supplyDC24V   1.5A
Operating temperature5-55℃
Operating humidity<80%
Net weight2.2kg


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