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Switching Valves

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Sampling valves and/or column switching valves can make a system much more versatile. Adding multi-port valves will enable an instrument to perform analyses that call for switching columns, reversing the elution sequence of sample components, selecting between two columns to a single detector, and the analyses of gas samples through a sample loop. These valves also eliminate pressure surges and improve sample-to-sample reproducibility of peak separations.

These precision valves utilize zero volume fittings that allow connections to be made directly to the valve, minimizing dead volume for on-column injections, and adapt easily to any type of tubing. Valve bodies are made of 303 grade stainless steel, and use PTFE-filled rotors. Each valve includes the complete valve, zero volume nuts, a mounting bracket, and a 3 in.handle.

Switching Valves are compact, motorized standalone modules that are ready-to-use alternatives to manual selection valves. Each module has a unique flow switching pattern that is designed for a particular set of laboratory tasks. Choose from a variety of products to best suit your analytical needs:

Valve positions are displayed digitally

Positions may be selected locally from a front panel push button or remotely by the built-in electronic interface

Compatible with laboratory instruments and computer systems

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