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SmartSV-02 Multi-channel Switching Valve

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Smart SV-02 Multi-channel switching valve is RUNZE patent products, also named mini switching valve or electric rotary valve.


Smart SV-02 switching valve was integrated with motor controller which control stepper motor by receiving commands from PLC to realize fluidic switching through RS232/RS485/CAN. The driver module in switching valve was made of low consumption chips to help reduce the heat caused during long time running, then the device performance and service life can be better ensured. 

Technical Parameter

  Item  PCTFE/Sapphire
  Fluid path  PCTFE/Sapphire
  Dead volume  4.5μL
  Operating temperature  0-50℃
  Operating humidity  ≤80%
  Liquid temperature  0-80℃
  Connector   1/4-28UNF female
  Switch speed  300ms
  Max drive power(torque)  1.6N/M
  Communication  RS232/RS485/CAN
  Dimension (L*W*H)  61*52*110mm
  Power supply   DC24V/1A
  Max current   1A
  Max power  15W
  Air pressure  0-0.5Mpa
  Water pressure  0-0.8Mpa
  Net weight  0.435kg


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